Are you that person that can rustle up a delicious meal even when there’s nothing in the cupboard?

And does your mum come to yours for Sunday dinner, rather than the other way around? A new survey has identified these and dozens of other signs that highlight what it means to be labelled a ‘good cook’.

In our parents’ generation, it was a given that young adults, particularly women, could cook, however, more priorities have changed and people are more likely to be eating out or throwing together a quick and easy meal. But, it appears this is no longer the case. The study conducted by Circulon, a high-quality cookware retailer, says increasing numbers of people consider themselves to be good cooks, no doubt, encouraged by the popularity of sharing food on social media and TV cooking shows.

So, how do you know you are a good cook? It’s less about Michelin stars and gourmet cooking, and more about the confidence and willingness to embrace different foods and styles in the kitchen.

The study showed that a good cook has the ability to identify common herbs, make a classic dish their own with a ‘twist’ and even bake the perfect cake. Knowing your wines and meats and how to pair up the right foods is also a plus.

Confident cooks don’t shy away from an opportunity to cook in front of guests, with 54% of Brits happy to attempt a new dish for friends and family, while having the ability to laugh when things go pear-shaped.

A spokesman for Circulon commented on the research’s findings.

“It’s been fascinating to uncover just how many people class themselves as relatively good at cooking – the rise of cookery programmes and the increased popularity of sharing food on social media has influenced Britain’s love of food and desire to cook.”

The list also includes required talents like chopping onions in seconds, cooking the perfect steak or whipping up a last-minute dish from scratch.

Top chefs often rely on instinct and don’t bother measuring, throwing together random ingredients but still coming up with something delicious. More often than not, their pantries will be filled with ingredients that may seem obscure to an amateur cook.

So, are you a good cook? See how many of the top 50 signs you can tick!

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  1. Can rustle up anything from scratch
  2. Loving to eat as well as cook
  3. Willing to experiment and try all foods and ingredients when cooking at home
  4. Being happy to prepare food in front of guests
  5. Always being able to whip something up when there’s virtually nothing in the cupboard
  6. When making a roast dinner everything finishes cooking at the same time
  7. Can identify certain herbs from appearance
  8. Can throw things together knowing that the different combinations (of various foods, herbs, spices) will go together and taste fab
  9. Experiments with dishes by adding a twist on classics
  10. Experimenting with recipes more than once a week
  11. Being able to laugh if things go wrong in the kitchen
  12. Can identify herbs and spices by the taste
  13. Knowing what herbs go in each dish
  14. Can chop things really finely, safely
  15. Always have eggs and milk in the fridge
  16. Home-makes all condiments and sauces
  17. Owning a spice rack
  18. Always the one people go to for cooking tips
  19. Knows what every utensil in the kitchen does
  20. Have a very well stocked pantry with all kinds of ingredients, i.e.: masala leaves, curry powder, mustard seeds, different types of oils: olive, avocado, roasted sesame seed, peanut, truffle, canola
  21. Doesn’t need Oxo to make gravy
  22. Will offer for extra people to stay to dinner at a moment’s notice
  23. Rarely eat takeaways
  24. Knows exactly how long to cook a perfectly poached egg
  25. Knows how to peel fruit and veggies most efficiently
  26. Knowing and practicing cooking terms like: ‘Al dente’, broil, blanch, clarify, deglaze, flambé, gratin, etc.
  27. Always wanting to try a new dish when eating out
  28. Being able to guess what is in a dish just from the taste
  29. Never needing to use a cookbook
  30. Always the designated cook for large family gatherings
  31. Know when a cake is done without having to stick a cocktail stick in it a hundred times
  32. Knowing measurements without having to actually measure
  33. Owns good quality cook-ware
  34. Writes a detailed list for the food shop
  35. Knowing which wine to pair with certain meat or fish
  36. Owning a full set of herbs/spices
  37. Enjoying a messy kitchen
  38. Don’t need a timer
  39. Understanding what all the symbols on the oven mean
  40. Can chop an onion in seconds
  41. Being able to cook steaks perfectly using the thumb technique
  42. Can always add in just the right
  43. Knowing what ‘Bain Marie’ is and having the perfect pans for it
  44. Knowing the correct pronunciation of unusual or exotic foods
  45. Knowing which wine to drink with meat
  46. Can flip a pancake perfectly
  47. Knows how to prepare celeriac
  48. Mum goes around for Sunday dinner rather than the other way round
  49. Always read food magazines
  50. Owns set of fancy knives

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