Temperatures might still be relatively low here in the UK, but the fashion conscious among us already have one eye set on the approach of a new season. Although it might only feel like yesterday when you first donned your winter coats and cosy boots, the time to begin dressing for spring is almost upon us.

The transition from winter to spring fashion is one of the most dramatic, with the heaviest jackets and warmest leggings being cast aside for thin layers and bare legs, so it can take some adjustment at first. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of five essentials for changing your wardrobe from winter to spring. Read on to discover what they are.


Light layers

Spring can be a funny time of year, with fluctuating temperatures causing some days to be too warm for thicker garments and others too cold for lighter clothing. The solution is simple — combine layers to create an outfit that can be added to or taken away from to suit the temperature. When it comes to choosing clothes, blazers, thin jumpers, shirts, t-shirts, and tank tops are your friends.


Something for when it’s raining

Unfortunately, just because we’re leaving winter and heading into spring doesn’t mean that the rainy season is over. With April showers on the way, it would be a bit silly to get caught in the rain when you’ve had fair warning. That’s why investing in a lightweight jacket that will keep you dry but not too warm is absolutely essential. Trench coats in particular are on-trend this season.


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A dress suited to the season

Lots of us see the arrival of spring as the sign that pretty dress season is well and truly open. This is totally fine, except you should keep in mind that the merciless British weather is not always kind to those that dare to bare. A compromise can be found in a long-sleeved dress for layering with a cardigan to protect your bare shoulders when necessary.



Springtime pastel denim

For those days when you know it’s too cold to wear a skirt or dress, you can still rock your favourite springtime colours with a pair of pastel denim jeans. Whether your shade of choice is lavender, mint, or pale pink, these pants are super cute and work very well with oversized jumpers and other knitwear while still keeping the spring vibe alive.


Make the footwear switch

In spring, you can put your winter boots back into the cupboard in favour of something a little bit brighter and lighter. If you’re out and about often, it’s perhaps too soon for some summertime sandals, but a nice pair of flat pumps will fit the bill nicely. These Peter Kaiser ballet pumps are a great choice, with beautiful floral patterning on a premium leather upper. They’ll keep your feet super-comfy if you are on the go all day, too.

With these five essentials, you will be all set for the big switch from winter to spring. Use the occasion as an excuse to indulge in some retail therapy — your wardrobe will thank you later.

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