With the current trend for all things natural, from skincare and even the food we eat, it comes as no surprise that an app has been developed to help those of us embarking on a natural hair journey.

Home Screen of the NaturalistApp

The Naturalistapp team is celebrating their first year launch anniversary this month (October 2016) and in one year has gathered thousands of natural hair lovers from across the world. Women from the UK, US, Africa, France, the Caribbean and Latin America have discovered the app and are in the process of building the foundations for a long standing community.

So how can the app help you? The Naturalistapp is the perfect tool to keep a healthy hair journey on track, along with supporting newbies and desperate naturalistas.
The creators of the app are themselves well-versed in the struggle of transitioning to healthy natural hair. So, whether you start your hair journey, want to buy a product but need real-life feedback beforehand, or require urgent advice after a bad hair day, someone will be there for you on Naturalistapp.

Daisy F, Co-founder of the Naturalistapp, said:

“When we started this project in 2014, there was an app for everything but not for natural hair, and certainly not one that was of a high standard. The natural hair movement was picking up pace and the struggle was still real for transitioning ladies or big choppers.
Having lived in the Caribbean, France, Brussels and now in London, I knew that we could create something useful and modern. The Naturalistapp was born.”

“To celebrate Black History Month and our anniversary, we are having a hair products giveaway with Big Hair from Saturday 15 October. Visit our website for more details.”

Naturalistapp has now started to see members of the community start hair challenges together on the app while others are going beyond just hair to begin healthy skin, food or holistic journeys together on the app.

The founders of Naturalistapp are empowered with the support of the community. They are working smart on a bunch of new features for the next upgrade.

Naturalistapp is available on Google Play Store for Android devices and will soon be available on IOS. Website: www.naturalistapp.com


Image credit: Featured image – Daniel Ernst for iStock; Article Picture – Naturalistapp.


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