Fresh, organic produce, spicy West African dishes, served in the company of a vibrant and appreciative group of food connoisseurs. Welcome to Jason’s Little Kitchen, a West African Supper Club that pops up at various locations in London.

A trendy alternative to your usual local restaurant, Supper Clubs are often on the move, and offer the unique experience of meeting new people and discovering new foods at the same time.


5-1-475x300Jason’s Little Kitchen’s enterprising owner, Jason Obeng, has always dreamed of owning his own restaurant and launching the supper club last year brings him that one step closer to achieving his ambition.

Born to Ghanaian parents, Jason grew up quietly observing his mum cooking delicious traditional foods during his youth. Before long he was helping her to prepare these meals and started to develop little twists and innovating new ways of cooking the traditional dishes that he loved so much.

“My Supper Club pop up events have been situated at the Clerkenwell Kitchen, in London, for a while now. I started Jason’s Little Kitchen with the aim of bringing all races, religions and cultures together to experience the foods that I grew up with and loved. The food I serve is still West African cuisine but served with a modern twist.”

Proud of the fact that he uses only the best ingredients, sourced using ethical means, Jason says:

“I only use organic ingredients in my cooking where possible. I also know it’s important to a lot of my customers that the meat I serve is organic Halal. In spite of my best efforts though, there are still some items which are not yet certified as organic in the UK, for example yam and plantain, but if I can purchase organic produce, then I will. I always strive to serve food as clean and free from pesticides as possible to my guests.”

Judging by the satisfied, smiling faces of the guests that have had the pleasure of sampling these dishes, Jason’s doing something right!

Go to: for details of upcoming Supper Club events.


Image credits: Kofi Dwaah


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