As we turn our backs on this year’s summer, (all five minutes of it!), the colder weather means that it’s time to put aside our summer wardrobe for another year. But another habit that we should all be taking up is our autumn skincare regimen.

Autumnal weather typically means dryer and cooler temperatures, and the sudden change from the effects of extreme sun and heat means that your skin could lose precious moisture and take on that ashy and dry appearance.

Jackie Taiwo, founder of new online makeup and skincare retailer, Melariche, has spent a lot of time curating nourishing beauty and skincare products for women of colour. Offering a mix of high-end and affordable brands, Melariche handpicks products based on their suitability for women of colour and quality of ingredients, with a focus on natural, plant-based ingredients wherever possible.

Jackie said:

“I created Melariche to give women of colour an exciting shopping experience where they can discover brands – often founded by inspirational black female entrepreneurs – that are a perfect match for their skin type and skin tone.”

Here’s her wish list of products to help your skin make that transition into the colder weather:



3107 London My Everything Soothing Face Elixir
The My Everything Soothing Face Elixir is a rich facial oil packed with powerful ingredients to revitalise, revamp and protect dehydrated skin. The formula contains French Lavender Oil for its natural restorative effects, Roman Chamomile to calm and soothe, and Apricot Oil to soften irritated skin. Incorporate into your daily skincare routine by massaging a few drops of this soothing oil onto freshly cleansed skin. For extra protection on cold harsh winter days, it acts as a great barrier for preventing moisture loss. Simply press a few drops onto clean skin every couple of hours to retain your summer glow.


PHB Ethical Beauty Gentle Facial Tonic With Organic Rose
Refresh your skin with this revitalising Gentle Facial Tonic by PHB Ethical Beauty formulated with rose water. Spray directly onto tired skin or on top of makeup throughout the day to instantly hydrate skin and impart a radiant glow. You will notice the soothing and softening effect on dry skin almost straight away. Keep a bottle in your handbag to keep your skin moisturised throughout the winter.




Akoma Liquid Black Soap with Organic Raw Shea Butter
The Akoma Liquid Black Soap is not your ordinary drying black soap. Packed with coconut oil and raw shea butter, the Akoma black soap is deeply moisturising and gentle enough for sensitive or irritated skin. Beyond the hydration benefits, Akoma is a brand that cares about the community. The shea butter in their products is sourced from the Akoma cooperative in Ghana which helps local people, in particular women, rise out of poverty, improve their job prospects, their education and their health.


Zao Compact Organic Cream Foundation
The Zao Organic Compact Cream Foundation offers a natural coverage with regenerative properties of organic silica and bamboo powder to create the perfect balance between skincare and makeup. The creamy and smooth texture makes it super easy to apply, without clinging to any dry patches on your skin, leaving you with a slight glow and dewy skin.


Iman Cosmetics Luxury Moisturising Lipstick
IMAN’s Luxury Moisturising Lipstick provides a luscious creamy semi-matte and a long-lasting smooth finish. It glides smoothly to condition and moisturize lips that are battered by cold winter air. For a beautiful winter shade try Scandalous or Taboo.

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