A black child’s hair is precious. It is the crown we wear upon our heads, and so what better way to share this message than in a picture book for children?

Daddy Do My Hair, written by Tola Okogwu, and illustrated by Rahima Begum, has caught attention from celebrity parents, television producers and literacy critics, and at time of writing, hadn’t even been released yet.

ddmh-front-coverIt’s Sunday evening and dinner is over. Beth is excited and heads to the sofa. Daddy is there with a smile and a chair, “Daddy,” she asks, “will you please do my hair?”

Join Daddy and Beth on a wonderful hair adventure in this heart-warming and inspiring story, which celebrates the unique and special relationship between a father and child.
Identity and diversity are key areas Tola’s writing addresses, with this the first in a series that will tackle issues such as single parenting, bereavement, looking ‘different’ to your friends and much more.

Tola is not only a writer but also a blogger and founder of the hair and beauty blog, My Long Hair Journey. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and has written for several beauty publications including Black Beauty and Hair Magazine.


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Casey Elisha Books

If you’re struggling with ideas for Christmas gifts, then check out this wonderful list of books curated by Casey Elisha Books. Each one features children of colour, and would make wonderful gifts! There is power in words, so let the words your child reads be positive and reflective of who they are.



I Want to Look Like Me, written by Abena Hagan

Summary: I want to look like me – six powerful words a child should feel confident enough to say and embrace. This book is about a little girl called Amina, who wants to look like everyone other than herself. Teach your child a valuable lesson of self-love today.

Available at: www.curls-aunaturel.com | RRP: 6.00 GBP

Social Media: Instagram @Curls_aunaturel


My Kind of Me Written by Areia Cobb, Illustrated by Isella Vega

Summary: My Kind of Me inspires self-love and encourages children to accept themselves no matter what others think or say. This book is about a young boy’s journey of realising that what’s cool today may not fit into who they really are. So, let’s teach our children that being themselves is the best that they can always be. Do you like what you see?

Target Age Group: 5-13 Years Old |  RRP: Paperback, 12.95 USD, Hardback, 14.95 USD

Available at: www.AreiaCobb.com | www.acbookstore.net | Amazon | Barnes and Noble

Social Media: www.facebook.com/author.acbooks | Twitter @author_acbooks | Instagram @arcobb01




Sarla in the Sky Written by Anjali Joshi, illustrated by Lisa Kurt

Summary: This simple but uplifting story is inspired by the story of India’s first female pilot! Perfect for showing children, they can reach for the sky, this book will help to build their self-belief and confidence.

Target Age Group: 6-9 Years Old |  RRP: 12.95 USD

Available at: www.BharatBabies.com

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter & Instagram @BharatBabie


Amal’s Eid Written by Amy Maranville, illustrated by Joshua Stevens

 Summary: Meet Amal. Amal is in the third grade. There is a special event he looks forward to every year. Learn about the unique traditions he and his family observe as they celebrate the holy Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr.

Target Age Group: 3-8 Years Old |  RRP: 19.95 USD

Available at: www.BharatBabies.com

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram @BharatBabies




Love Thy Fro Written by Casey Elisha, illustrated by Aliecee Cummings

Summary: Love Thy Fro is about a young girl named Kemi who absolutely loves her beautiful, big, curly afro hair! A simple book with a simple message, the book aims to teach girls the importance of loving yourself and embracing yourself.

Target Age Group: 5-8 Years Old  |  RRP: 4.99 GBP

Available at: www.CaseyElishaBooks.com | www.ceb.bigcartel.com

Social Media: Twitter & Instagram @celishabooks


Nzingha the Great Warrior of Angola Witten by Desree Crooks, illustrated by Sidante Currie

Based on historical facts, and some fictional scenes, this book tells the story of a powerful figure in Angola’s history. Follow the young warrior Queen, Nzingha on her heroic journey of fighting injustice, and leading her people to victory against foreign invaders.

Target Age Group: 8 Years Old + |  RRP: 20 CAN

Available at:  Amazon

Social Media: Instagram @DesUnconditional | Facebook – Desree Crooks




My Friend Jen: A Little Different  Written by Jenica Leah, illustrated by Aditya Permana

Summary: Jen’s friend tells a story about sickle cell. Learning about sickle cell and how to stay well through some simple tips is a great way for a child to understand a condition which pre-dominantly affects the Black community. Knowledge is power, so teach your child today.

Target Age Group: 4-7 Years Old |  RRP: 5.99 GBP

Available at: www.myfriendjen.co.uk | Amazon

Social Media: www.facebook.com/myfriendjenbooks | Instagram: @myfriendjenbooks | Twitter: @myfriendjenbook


Swift Walker: A Continental Journey Written by Verlyn Tarlton, illustrated by Alejandro Chamberlain

Summary: Take your child on a continental journey with fun character, Swift Walker. Swift Walker loved to walk fast. His sister warned him, “One day, you’ll walk so fast you won’t be able to stop!”  Sure enough, his speedy legs took him on a journey across the globe! Introducing continents, maps and basic geography concepts, this book will teach your child about our world.

Target Age Group: 4 Years Old + | RRP: Paperback- 8.99 USD, E-book – 2.99 USD, Hardback – 19.99 USD, Digital Audiobook – 2.95 USD

Available at: All retailers | Amazon | iTunes




Jaden Toussaint, the Greatest Episode 1: The Quest for Screen Time Written by Marti Dumas, illustrated by Marie Muravski

Summary: Giant Afro. Even Bigger Brain.
Jaden Toussaint, five-year-old scientist and all around cool dude, is on a mission to convince the grown-ups that he needs more SCREEN TIME. His only weapons are science, ninja dancing, and his super-powered brain power. Can Jaden Toussaint get the grown-ups to change their minds?

Target Age Group: 5-10 Years Old | RRP: Paperback – 5.99 USD, E-book – Free, Hardback – 19.99 USD, Digital Audiobook – 3.95 USD

Available at: All retailers | Amazon | iTunes Social Media: Twitter – @martiandredumas


Article contributed by Melan Magazine Editorial Intern Eunice Marfo.