Whistle Punks is the trendy new destination for a fun night out of pizza, drinks and…. axe throwing.

Weekend brunches and bars are cool, but we think it’s time to switch things up a little. For a fresh new date idea or after-work hangout, head to Whistle Punks, the largest axe-throwing company in Europe, which has recently launched a new venue in the heart of central London.

Whistle Punks
Axe throwing at Whistle Punks
Credit: Esther Oluga / Melan Magazine

A four-minute walk from Oxford Circus station, the strictly over-18s venue features nine lanes, a bar, and a new menu serving delicious sourdough pizzas, guests will be able to immerse themselves into a unique, fun experience.

Each session lasts 70 minutes, and each lane consists of two targets with up to 10 players. Whether you’re a first timer or an experienced axe-thrower, a dedicated instructor will be on hand to guide you through your session. After a practice round, guests will be entered into a tournament to crown the ultimate axe champion. Fun extras include an end-of-game skill session where players can learn trick shots, underarm and two axe throws as well as taking the ultimate snap for the ‘gram.

Whistle Punks
Bar at Whistle Punks


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Throwing axes can be hard work, but do not worry, there is a mouth-watering selection of sourdough pizzas available which Melan Magazine has tasted and approves of!

Vegan pizza from Whistle Punks
Credit: Esther Oluga / Melan Magazine

The Melan team’s favourites were the prosciutto ham and the vegan creamy mozzarisella pizzas. Other toppings are ventricina salami and vegan options including Italian sun-dried tomatoes.

You can also find a selection of non-alcoholic beverages alongside cocktails, craft beers, draught ciders and wine. Manchester, Bristol and Leeds branches offer a bottomless drinks and pizza option for £30 per person. 

 Prices start from £25 per person. For more information on prices and other venues, visit the Whistle Punks website.

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