Marley Hall, aka Midwife Marley, has launched a myth-busting and inclusive guide for new parents covering pregnancy, birth and the 4th trimester.

Midwife Marley’s Guide for Everyone

Midwife Marley’s Guide for Everyone gives unfiltered tips and guidance on the most important 12 months of having a baby; before, during and just after. The book includes useful information to support you and your partner and incredibly insightful knowledge about things like when to call your care provider, getting your baby into an optimal position for birth, how to prepare for the ‘fourth trimester’ (that period after the birth, when you get home), and even where to find the shower in a postnatal ward!


Midwife Marley’s doodles on pregnancy and childbirth bring relief to mums


In Midwife Marley’s Guide for Everyone you’ll find answers to clinical terms and be able to explore answers to questions like: “what are my choices, who will be caring for me, and what can I do to prepare my body for birth? Each section is illustrated and subtly colour-coded, so readers can flick through and find what they are looking for.

The book’s author, Marley Hall, is an award-winning midwife, having worked as a midwife in the UK for more than 12 years. Marley is also a mother of five and a Hypnobirthing instructor and an author. She also has a successful podcast in its third season called “Bumps, birth, boobs and babies”.

Marley Hall, aka Midwife Marley

Another hat sees Midwife Marley working as the resident midwife for Channel Mum where she consistently shares her antenatal education and other pregnancy related information. An Instagram sensation too, Marley Hall is known and celebrated on social media for her doodles depicting pregnancy and childbirth situations in a fun and accessible way.

Preparation for the book began a while ago. In an interview with Melan Magazine a couple of years ago, Marley told us: “There can be information overload when it comes to learning about pregnancy, birth and parenting. I will be publishing a book later on in the year that covers everything expectant parents need to know, that is easy to read and illustrated in a fun way.”

Midwife Marley’s Guide for Everyone Book Cover

Further explaining why she wanted to write such a book, during a Q&A session with The Baby Show earlier this year, Marley said: “There are hundreds if not thousands of pregnancy books on the market. Some are short and sweet but don’t cover all of a pregnant woman’s needs, some are painfully wordy and complex, leaving many parents even more confused than before they started reading. In my book, the text is accompanied by fun illustrations with scenarios that resonate. The characters in these illustrations are from a diverse range of backgrounds which is essential as the book really is for everyone.”

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Midwife Marley understands that women who have just given birth rarely have time for themselves, let alone reading a book, which is why the book has all the information divided into three snippets, one that covers the pregnancy period in its entirety, the birth period, and the three months following the birth (the fourth trimester). This ensures that readers can easily continue reading from where they stopped.

“It really is the book I would have loved to have when I was having my first baby,” said Marley.

Midwife Marley’s Guide for Everyone is available from 31 March 2022.

Buy the book here.

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