In this month’s roundup of Melan Mag Loves, we feature a mix of beauty, fashion and lifestyle items that landed on our editorial desk that we feel you should know about.

The following Melan Mag Loves items are our top picks for treating yourself or a loved one. Happy shopping!

OYOMA whipped shea butter

OYOMA whipped shea butter

OYOMA is a new woman-led Black beauty brand, and a great addition to Melan Mag Loves! With a product as beautiful as its name (OYOMA means ‘I am Well’ in Urhobo, a language of a Southern Nigerian tribe), what’s not to love?

The new self-care brand was born from founder Ifeoma Onyenokwe-Orhiunu’s desire to create a minimalist, all-natural skincare product with Shea Butter at its core, to celebrate her Nigerian heritage while creating a product expertly adapted for use in the UK.

The brand has just launched for the first time in the UK with its OYOMA Whipped Shea Butter that features natural moisturising ingredients and a blend of essential oils to lock in moisture and soften the skin. The key moisturising and natural ingredients are of course shea butter as well as olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil and aloe vera. Put through a whipping process to make it lighter than shea butter, OYOMA’s Whipped Shea Butter is heavy on the moisture but light on the skin.

Use it on your hands, face, body and feet, making it a must-have versatile beauty product to add to your collection.

Buy it here for £40 


CFF: Clarity, Focus Flow Flower Essence

CFF Flower Essence
CFF: Clarity, Focus Flow Flower Essence

WOW Beauty has recently partnered with Saskia’s Flower Essences to launch ‘CFF: Clarity, Focus Flow,’ flower essence. This natural floral essence is designed to support clarity, vision and intention. It is intended to be used a few times a day as you repeat your positive affirmations.

WOW Beauty, an online platform that celebrates the beauty of diversity, was founded by Denise Rabor.

Denise has long been intrigued by the concept of vibrational medicine, and the idea that flowers can help to solve different emotional states. Buy this to help you be more intentional in your actions and goals.

Buy it here for £15   


Astro Box from GUX – gift box

Astro Box from Grown Up Xpert (GUX)

Calling all astrology lovers, this product is a match made in the stars! Grown Up Xpert (GUX) has released their new collection: Astro boxes. Each box contains a bundle of fun and cool items such as earrings, pair of lashes, essential oil perfume and more, all specifically designed with your star sign in mind.

The boxes make a perfect treat for yourself or a cute gift idea for your most compatible zodiac friend or partner. Each box is packed full of goodies personalised to your star sign including a star sign necklace, earrings, lashes, sunglasses and so much more…

Founded by make-up artist Olafemi Bela, GUX is a unique brand that explores themes of beauty astrology and fashion.

Buy it here for £24


The Positive Day Planner by Leanne Pero

The Positive Day Planner by Leanne Pero

The Positive Day Planner was launched by inspirational award-winning entrepreneur, author, mentor, philanthropist and breast-cancer survivor Leanne Pero. If there is anyone more knowledgeable on keeping a positive mind and affirmations, it’s Leanne.

The planner is a 21-day journaling essential, that will help you create a more positive habit, one day at a time. Leanne, owner of The Leanne Pero Foundation and Black Woman Rising used journaling to help her through her own internal battles with mental health and cancer survival.

She said, “I put the Positive Day Planner together after cancer. Writing down what I was grateful for, my hopes and wishes for the future, planning the day ahead really helped settle some of the anxieties. It’s a place where you can create your own happiness, because we are in control of that.”

The Positive Day Planner is available in five different styles, including a limited-edition Breast Cancer Awareness Month Planner, where 40% of profits go to Breast Cancer Charities.

Buy it here from £10


New bags from The Cambridge Satchel Company

The Cambridge Satchel Company
‘The Sophie’ and ‘Doctor’s Bag’
Image Credit: The Cambridge Satchel Company

We love the cute new Cambridge range from The Cambridge Satchel Company; their new range of luxury handbags perfect for those of us who are slowly starting to return to the office. The two new bags in this range named ‘The Sophie’ and ‘Doctor’s Bag’ are luxurious and elegant with cotton twill lining, elegant gold hardware and an opening that is truly unique. The opening can be locked and opened with a key a beautiful and unique detail.

This collection is made from premium soft leather and is available in five different colours, so there’s a colour for everyone. The new range is available now at £395 for the cute and intricate ‘The Sophie’ and £425 for the classic ‘Doctors Bag’, so what are you waiting for?

Buy it here


ÉTÄN Rum – African inspired spiced rum

Fosang sisters; founders of ETAN Rum

Proving once again how the lockdown over the last year has been used to birth a great idea, we are pleased to introduce to include in Melan Mag Loves, ÉTÄN, a brand-new rum created by five entrepreneurial sisters.

ÉTÄN means ‘five’ in Mungaka, a dialect in Bali-Nyonga, Cameroon, the birthplace of the parents of the five London-based Fosang sisters, who have lovingly created this 43% abv golden rum. The rum has been distilled with a unique collection of five botanicals, found in and around West Africa, with some native to Cameroon.

The five botanicals which go into every bottle of ÉTÄN are fevergrass, orange peel, cassia, vanilla and ginger, giving its unique warming taste and golden colour.

Since launching in August last year, bottles of ÉTÄN have been flying out of the distillery door, say the five sisters – career women by day and budding rum moguls by night!

ÉTÄN is available online, priced at £37 for a 70cl bottle or £5 for 5cl.

Buy it here


Savannah jumpsuit by Lola Tara

Savannah Jumpsuit
Savannah Jumpsuit
Image credit: Lola Tara

Made in 100% Japanese poly satin, this jumpsuit by Lola Tara is the quality item you need in your wardrobe, a versatile piece that can be dressed up or down.

Specialising in sustainable fashion, with an emphasis on creating classic pieces that will stand the test of time, Lola Tara specialises in high quality, luxury jumpsuits and playsuits.

Founded by IB Oyerinde, a fashion model living in the US and Europe, with Nigerian roots, Lola Tara is a brand based on the idea that it’s no longer chic to be a shopaholic anymore, we should all aspire to buy less and buy well.

This simple, elegant Savannah jumpsuit will make you feel confident and ready to take on the world. It also comes in a range of striking colours.

Buy it here for £510

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