What common qualities do the world’s most successful visionaries share? Paul C Brunson, founder of the Better With Paul Podcast, told us three lessons he has learnt from the world’s best business moguls.

Better With Paul
They all have incredible task management skills.

Paul C Brunson is a television host, serial entrepreneur and in his role as “the world’s most influential matchmaker”, he gave advice to us on the importance of dating your spouse, but in recent months, Paul has been making waves with his inspirational podcast Better With Paul.

Through his podcast and its accompanying newsletter, Paul shares weekly insights, observations and conversations with an impressive line-up of innovators, entrepreneurs and creators from the U.S., UK, Caribbean and Africa.

When we interviewed Paul back in August last year, Better With Paul had been operating for only four weeks but they were already within the top 100 in the podcasting world. Speaking to us about his podcast it was clear to see Paul’s passion for his new project. Paul said:

“This is something that I am really passionate about. I try to elevate Black voices that I believe don’t get the elevation they deserve.”

We share Paul’s purpose of highlighting the often-untold voices of Black entrepreneurs and regularly spotlight inspirational stories through our Melan-in Business features. Taking advantage of Paul’s global access to some of the world’s most successful visionaries, we asked him to share the qualities that they share, and he narrowed it down to three important qualities.

The ability to manage a task to completion

“They all have incredible task management skills, managing tasks all the way from the beginning to the end. That is an important skill for us all to have. That actually involves being able to communicate but task management is number one.”

We can all become super forecasters, it is a learned skill…

They are incredible super forecasters

“They are what I call super forecasters. There are literally people in this world who can predict what is going to happen with higher accuracy than others and those people are called super forecasters.  We can all become super forecasters, it is a learned skill, and I have noticed that these entrepreneurs are all super forecasters. They know what is going to happen in their industry before it happens and therefore, they are able to create a product or solution for that problem that they perceive is going to happen.”

Better With Paul
They are able to create a product or solution for that problem that they perceive is going to happen.

The willpower factor

“Last but not least, and this is very, very important is that they all have extreme willpower. One of my favourite books is Willpower by Roy Baumeister and in the book, he talks about how every day we have decisions to make. But most of us make poor decisions based on our lack of willpower.  So, it is midnight, a married man is at the bar and he is drunk, and he then cheats on his wife. Bad decision. What Roy Baumeister talks about is that you can manage and build up your willpower just like a superpower and those of us that have the most successful lives are also the ones who have the highest level of willpower.”

So, there you have it. If you want to join the exclusive club of the world’s most successful individuals, perhaps it’s time to brush up on these three qualities.

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