Gaëlle Cosmetics is an exciting, Black-owned beauty brand that’s making waves in the industry and with the launch of their exciting new beauty ranges, now is the perfect time to try them out.

Gaëlle Cosmetics

Jamaican-born Safyie Reid founded Gaëlle Cosmetics in 2017, a brand which is known for its sensational line of matte liquid lipsticks in a wide range of colours. In a 2018 article in The Gleaner, Reid announced an additional range called BADASS, to her original line-up of products, which at the time included 38 shades of matte liquid non-toxic lipsticks.

At the time, she said: “The first collection was for the working and mostly conservative women. The BADASS collection is for those who are bold and don’t give a damn.” Okay then!

Proudly proclaiming to be a Jamaican brand, Safyie, who has been immersed in the beauty industry for most of her career, wanted to create beauty products that were representative of Jamaica’s diverse culture and rich heritage.

“Gaëlle Cosmetics embodies the concept ‘Out Of Many One People’, while recognizing the feminine characters who inspired and positively impacted my life over the years.”

Safyie told Melan: “Gaëlle Cosmetics embodies the concept ‘Out Of Many One People’, while recognizing the feminine characters who inspired and positively impacted my life over the years. We wanted to capitalise on the continued progress of Jamaicans on the world’s stage and Gaëlle Cosmetic’s premium quality products reflect the stature attained within the global industry. The products are compatible with the unique style, flamboyance and larger than life personalities exhibited daily a ‘Yaad’.”

With her career background in the beauty industry as a support, Reid continues to steadily build her beauty empire. The brand is now focusing on expanding its range of products as it seeks to grow and secure its spot in the beauty industry by launching three new collections.

Beauty addicts are in for a treat. The new products are…

Posse eyeshadow palette

The new POSSE eyeshadow palette features 21 fun shades with matte, glitter, and shimmer finishes.

Gaëlle Cosmetics


Bawse Brow Kit

BAWSE Brow Kit, a full pigment waterproof eyebrow pomade is available in three shades – black, mocha and coffee.

Smokin Hot – Pack of Lipstick

Adding to their lip collection, Smokin Hot – Pack Of Lipstick includes a set of four mousse soft lipsticks in vibrant shades, uniquely packaged in a cigarette-like package design.

Gaëlle Cosmetics

Our review package included a range of lipsticks, highlighters and the Posse Eyeshadow Palette. It was a real pleasure to open the package and see the engaging aesthetics and high-quality packaging on the products. From the afros and full lips emblazoned on the packaging, it felt good to be seen.

The eyeshadow palette includes vibrant shades and sheens, as you’d expect from a Jamaican-based brand, and with cute names like ‘Soul Sister’, ‘Gorg’ and ‘D-Vine’, we can feel uplifted as well as beautiful.

The high-pigment theme continues in the lipsticks. We especially love their range of ultra-smooth matte lipsticks. With a great range of colours that actually really are matte, these will be a staple in our makeup kits going forward.

Gaëlle Cosmetics is a true up and coming beauty brand that celebrates the fun and spirit of the Caribbean through the high-quality products they offer. We’re excited to see where the brand goes next.

Visit Gaëlle Cosmetics website.

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