Luxury custom statement pieces meets slow, ethical fashion, Nigerian-British brand House of RG is your new stop for “treat yourself” style.

House of RG
Image credit: House of RG

Established in 2017 by founder Dorothy Ogwuru, House of RG, which stands for Regal Gold, is all about decadence and embellishments. The statement pieces, from blazers, dresses and bomber jackets, are infused with the spectacle and glamour of the designers’ Nigerian culture merged with the sharp, bold, western luxury garments made for men and women.

Using exquisite materials like plush velvet, Austrian crystals and silk satins, each luxury piece is designed to make the wearer feel unique, strong and powerful. House of RG custom pieces are produced in limited runs, which gives exclusivity to every item.

This exclusivity is in line with the brands ethos about creating ethically. The brand’s founder, Dorothy Ogwuru, said: “We pride ourselves on attention to detail which takes time with each piece hand-beaded, elegantly cut, and custom-crafted.”

“I believe every piece I make should magnify the luxury of time that went into making it, the true intricate handcraftsmanship of spending up to 560 hours on one piece is totally worth it, if it means transforming someone’s look.”

House of RG
House of RG founder: Dorothy Ogwuru

In a world currently obsessed with fast fashion, this approach is refreshing. House of RG works closely with the same team of people who all contribute to the high-end brand. All garments are crafted by hand from the designer herself and worked on by the seamstresses.

Prices start at £840 and go up to £1,320, so not cheap, but there’s no denying that these pieces are beautiful and will certainly turn heads for all the right reasons.

“We pride ourselves on encouraging individuality and creating for clients who want the ultimate wow factor.”

Ogwuru had this to say about her brand: “We pride ourselves on encouraging individuality and creating for clients who want the ultimate wow factor.”

Quality, style and ethical? We love to see it.

Visit the House of RG website.


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