Zoe Adjonyoh, founder and chef of Ghana Kitchen has launched a crowdfunding campaign to support some of the most vulnerable in her community during the COVID-19 pandemic and she needs your help.

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The London-based writer, street food festivalist, and author of the popular recipe book Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen is a familiar face in the UK food scene and we’re sure Zoe’s latest crowdfunding campaign is sure to be a success.

Due to the pandemic, like most food-based businesses, Zoe Adjonyoh has had to cancel everything from “weddings, corporate catering to supper clubs and festivals”, all of which will have a colossal impact on income for the business in the next few months.

So improvising like a true entrepreneur, Zoe announced on Twitter last month, that she was turning her African restaurant into a community kitchen and now it’s in full swing.

Shedding light on why she was pivoting into this new direction, in an Instagram post, Zoe said that she’d had a little panic attack knowing her father, who has quite severe health issues, would be forced into quarantine for three months, making him very vulnerable. This presented an acute problem, which then alerted her to the fact that “if that was the case for him… my God, how many more vulnerable people would just disappear.”

So, what exactly is Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen doing?

Initially, they’re making 150-200 hot meals a week, delivering them as x 3 hot meals per week to up to 50 people for the next three months. Going to as many of the most vulnerable who don’t have adequate support, supplies and care in the communities.

Not only will she be helping the people who need the food most, but she will be supporting people who are making the food too. Employing those who are well and fit enough to work and have lost vital income due to the ongoing crisis.


Zoe has already got to work, dropping a video on Instagram showing footage of her team busy cooking, packing and sending their care boxes to Homerton doctors, the NHS and Age UK.

How can you help?

The fundraiser has already reached £10,000 of its £14,800 target. To support the crowdfunder and assure the continued presence of the community kitchen, enabling them to help the most vulnerable, please click here to aid the effort.

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