Do you know a gifted child? One who has achieved something pretty amazing in the last year? Now’s your chance to shine a spotlight on them in the TruLittle Hero Awards, an annual recognition platform that celebrates the positive achievements of young people aged seven to 18 in the UK.

Every child is amazing, fact! But there are some who go over and above to display outstanding talents or acts of service. The view of young people in the media today is often skewed, with a steady drip of negative portrayals of youth in our society, now more than ever we need platforms to highlight the positive achievements of our young people.

The annual TruLittle Hero Awards have given that much needed pat on the back to dozens of children who have excelled in a number of categories including samaritan, academic, music, leadership and entrepreneur in which child sensation Omari McQueen won in the under 12 category. Omari has gone on to become the youngest restauranteur in the UK with his award-winning vegan dips brand Dipalicious since early 2018.

Founded by Titi Omole, the awards give the wonderful opportunity to showcase the impact and dedication children have made. As adults, we know the boost that having our efforts recognised can have so the impact of receiving such an award by young people cannot be underestimated.

This year’s awards event takes place once again at the Discovery Centre in Barking, London. You can nominate your child to receive an award to let them know just how special they are. Since its launch in 2016, more than 60 young people have been celebrated as TruLittle Hero Awards winners.

As part of the winning package, children and young people receive a cash prize as well as an opportunity to receive ongoing mentorship sessions to nurture and develop their talents.

Nominations for the awards are now open and close on Monday 7 October 2019. The nomination categories are:
Leadership, Inspirational, Scribe, Musician, Academic, Creative, Entrepreneur, Artistic, Sports and Samaritan.

If you have a child or know someone who has a child that deserves public recognition for their talents, don’t hesitate to enter them for an award.

Visit the TruLittle Heroes website for full details about how to nominate a child to win an award.


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