Ladies! How many of you abandoned using condoms when you first settled down with a significant other and your focus shifted to another form of birth control instead? Yes, the contraceptive pill, the coil (IUD) and other forms of birth control will help to prevent you from getting pregnant … but what about sexually transmitted infections?


These other birth control methods cannot protect you from contracting STIs. If there is a chance that you or your partner could be at risk, it’s important that you should think twice before deciding to ditch condoms forever.

Not only do condoms prevent pregnancy, they are also very effective at preventing STIs and there really is the right condom out there for everyone.

Poor sexual health continues to be a huge problem within the BME (Black Minority Ethnic) community. According to Public Health England, we are one of the groups with the highest rates of new STI diagnoses. In addition to this, Black women accounted for more than 53% of all new female HIV diagnoses in the latest stats.

Here are SIX reasons why you should consider going back to using condoms:

  1. Free from side effects

Unlike other female contraceptive tools, condoms generally have no side effects. Most people can use condoms with no problems. However, if your skin gets irritated by the use of latex condoms it is worth using latex-free condoms, as you may have a latex allergy. To find the best condom for you and your partner, try this free condom fitter tool.


  1. Affordable and easy to get a hold of

Condoms are very easy to get. You can buy condoms from your local supermarket or pharmacy. You can even get free condoms from community health centres. Alternatively, you can even order a completely free condom pack, which includes four condoms and lube, from the It Starts With Me website.


  1. Easy to use

Some forms of birth control like the implant or vaginal rings need to be fitted by a clinician significantly in advance to work properly. With condoms, it’s as easy as going to the shops or ordering a box online to have it delivered to you.  There’s no preparation needed; you don’t need to remember to take a pill every day – just use it when you need it!


  1. Protection against STIs


Condoms are the only form of birth control that can also help prevent the spread of STIs such as chlamydia, gonorrhoea and HIV. Even though you might be using a different type of birth control, it’s still a good idea to also use condoms to protect yourself from STIs.


  1. They come in different sizes and can enhance your pleasure


There are flavoured latex-free ones, ribbed ones and thinner ones – there are condoms which will not only fit nicely but increase sensation and enhance pleasure for both you and your partner. Yes, condoms are there to safeguard your sexual health, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be fun! Get experimenting and find out what condoms give you the best sexual experience.


  1. They work alongside birth control


Using condoms alongside a hormonal method of birth control is a great idea to further reduce the risk of getting pregnant – so it’s a win win. 

Find out about all things condom-related and where to test locally by visiting the It Starts With Me website.



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