Have you heard about the latest wellness trend where the likes of Rihanna and Chrissy Teigen, along with thousands of other health conscious enthusiasts, are turning to intravenous (IV) drips to boost wellness by directly replenishing hydration in their bodies? Melan Magazine contributor, Be Manzini, went along to see what all the fuss is about.

Last month, I went to the launch of REVIV Wellness, who describe themselves as “the leading global wellness provider of signature IV nutrient therapies and booster shots”. With their new easily accessible London premises and the promise of feeling rejuvenated, what did I have to lose?

Armed with the knowledge that IV treatments originated more than 50 years ago by Dr John Myers, a Baltimore physician, to treat depression and/or physical ailments, I was a little reassured, but never having had IV therapy, or being a fan of needles, I was still excited and anxious.

REVIV is a global company with clinics across Africa, Europe, Australia, Asia and America, where IV treatments gained notoriety through celebrity endorsements, with the likes of Rihanna and Chrissy Teigen posting images on social media literally ‘getting their drip on’; it’s no wonder such clinics are spreading quickly across the world!

Rihanna get’s her ‘drip on’

I entered a room with beauty therapists whose smiles matched the bright white walls, offering rose and elderflower infused water. After an overview, I was quickly assigned a nurse for my treatment, which would last about 20 minutes. While completing a medical questionnaire, I got to ask my questions. I was interested in what were the most popular treatments and why. In the UK it’s the ‘Mega Boost’; a cocktail of immune boosting Vitamin C and B vitamins to aid with stress. The infusions range from £99 to £349 with ‘booster’ options from £29-49 such as ‘Slim Boost’ which encourages metabolism and you have along with your IV or as an injection.

Be Manzini learns more about the treatment

My nurse today was Hafsa, who qualified eight years ago and specializes in intensive care, so I felt extremely safe. I was led to a private room with a couch and TV, she explained everything step by step. First came the alcohol spray, then the numbing gel. I did fell a slight prick when the needle went in to make way for the IV catheter and then nothing. It was actually quite blissful. I was offered a blanket as I was starting to get cold from the saline based solution cruising through my body. Once the blanket was over me, I could have easily napped but I was conscious that I had to keep my arm straight and a little elevated.

While attending a show later that evening, people were commenting on how well I looked and bright my eyes were.

When the treatment was complete, a bandage was placed on arm and I rested for a few minutes and then I was good to go to my planned evening engagements.


Waking up the next morning after five hours of sleep, the first thing I noticed when rubbing my face was how soft it felt. A few minutes later, how energized I was. I also realized that considering that I had the treatment at 6pm, I only needed to use the bathroom once that evening, in contrast to if I had drunk a litre of water.

Another benefit of having vitamins injected directly in the bloodstream is you get a higher concentration by avoiding the digestive process. I would definitely go again, especially prior to a big or stressful occasion or as a I am a runner, post-race to aid recovery. I had some impactful news that day, and although the anxiety wasn’t totally absent it seemed at least manageable. While attending a show later that evening, people were commenting on how well I looked and bright my eyes were.

It’s important to note that everybody is different, so there is no guarantee that you will have the same physical or emotional experience that I had and of course this isn’t a replacement for good sleep, eating well or drinking water daily. However, it could play a part in a regular or ad hoc self care routine. I for one will be taking advantage of the 20% discount below….at last I’ve found a cocktail my body enjoys the morning after!

REVIV Wellness
45 Great Portland Street,
London, W1W 7LD
0207 636 4922


20% discount code: MELAN20



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