How do you like it? Full and curly, short back and sides or bald? No, we’re not talking about how your man prefers to wear his hairstyle but rather how you rock your pubic hair. Vogue recently declared that the “full bush is the new Brazilian”, in light of Society falling back in love with the au natural look. We talked to Ministry of Waxing, about current trends on how we wear our hair down there.

Who better to reveal the skinny on how women groom their bushes than Ministry of Waxing (MoW), the leading “waxperts” in hair removal, who’ve pruned more than 3.5 million bushes worldwide and counting, since 2001!

CEO and Founder, Cynthia Chua said: “Each client is unique and their personal preferences to how much pubic hair to leave or to remove reflects their personality. However, we have seen no change in popularity of treatments such as the Brazilian and Hollywood wax as new generations find it just as attractive as the older generations.”


It appears that many of us are expressing our wilder, more creative sides behind closed doors. Cynthia continued: “We see many trends with bikini waxing – ranging from pubic hair being shaped in the design of a partner’s initials or a heart, which is very popular for valentine’s day, for example. The stencil lasts from four to six days depending on how vigorous one is in that area! We offer a Hollywood wax removing hair from the pubic bone, labia and crack and then a glitter stencil applied to the smooth freshly waxed skin.”

Cynthia is passionate about women keeping their vajayjays happy and fresh. She said: “An additional service thoroughly recommended for the bikini area is our Brazilian facials, it’s as important to keep this area hydrated and soft to the touch.”


Here are Ministry of Waxing’s most popular treatments:

X (Bikini Line)

Hair removed at three fingers width from the femur bone until pelvic bone with the rest of the pubic hair trimmed. This is a standard basic bikini wax and 5% of our clients book this service.

XX (Extended Bikini line)

Hair removed at three fingers width from the femur bone till pelvic bone and the gluteus folds with the trimming of the remaining hair also provided, meaning no hair is visible when wearing underwear. It’s popular with clients wanting to keep pubic hair but just want a neat style. 8-10% of clients book in for this service.

XXExtra (G-String Bikini)

Hair removed from the pubic area leaving a rectangular shape from the pubic bone down to the labia. Trimming is provided for the remaining hair. There’s a company policy regarding menstruation. A XXExtra will only be done during this time as the skin is sensitive and sanitary items prohibit waxing the labia.

XXX (Brazilian)

All hair is removed from the pubic bone with a shape of the client’s choice:

Straight Up – A line of hair remaining

Edgy Mojo – A triangle of hair remaining

Luv Me – A heart shape of hair remaining

All the hair is removed from the labia and the crack. Approximately 30% of clients book in for this service.

XXXX (Hollywood)

All hair is removed from the pubic bone, labia and crack. The most popular treatment is the Hollywood with 55% booking in for this treatment.

So, there you have it. Whether you’re all about the bush or prefer to shave that tush, as Cynthia says: “You should pay the same amount of tender loving care to your bikini area as you do your face. Vulva care should be on everyone’s too do list!”

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