The days are becoming darker and shorter and naturally some of us will experience low mood and even depression. For an unlucky few, all of this darkness and less exposure to the sunshine will turn into SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Colour is a wonderful therapy and we look at how a brighter and more cheerful wardrobe can help to counteract some of the negative aspects of low mood levels.

SAD affects levels of hormones, particularly those that control our sleep and wake cycles and the ones that regulate our anxiety, feelings of happiness and mood. Symptoms of SAD include irritability, hopelessness, tiredness, low energy, carbohydrate cravings and loss of interest in activities, affecting the normal functioning to your daily routine.

Depending on how severe your symptoms are, there are simple solutions to help you feel better. Fashionistas will agree that giving some greater thought about the colours you wear is often a good starting point to boost your mood.

Colour can have a strong impact on appetite, mood and your ability to focus. Those already clued up will know all about colours associated with feeling blue and those associated with happiness. Why not use those emotional cues to fix your mood, to one of a cheerier disposition?

Why not baby-step your way into designing an upbeat day by finding a colour that works for you? We have been making a mental note of this seasons’ fashion colours, check out our SAD-busting fashion edit below and infuse mood boosting colours into your daily style.

The Yellow Sweatshirt

SAD Fashion

IVY PARK Blouson Bardot Sweatshirt, £60 Shop here


The Red Coat

SAD Fashion

Next: Patch pocket red coat, £75 Shop Here


The Yellow Dress

SAD Fashion

Very Exclusive: Alice McCall Power Lady Pleated Cut Out Dress £420 Shop Here


The Green Skirt

SAD Fashion

Mango: Sequin skirt, aqua green, £69.99 Shop Here


The Metalic Skirt

SAD Fashion

John Lewis & Partners: Bruce by Bruce Oldfield Pleated Skirt, Metallic Bronze, £99 Shop here


The Orange Knit Top

SAD Fashion

The OUTNET: Solace London Elsa, Off the shoulder, Orange Stretch Knit Top, £145 Shop Here


The Pink Suede Boots

SAD Fashion

Office: Pink Leather Suede Mix Low Heel Boots, £96 Shop here


The Blue Floral Jumpsuit

SAD Fashion

Miss Selfridge: Blue Floral Print Twisted Jumpsuit, Was £45 Now £15 Shop here


The Gold Backpack

SAD Fashion

John Lewis & Partners: AND/OR Isabella Metallic Mini Leather Backpack, Gold, £65 Shop here


The Red Dress

SAD Fashion

Wallis: Red Animal Print Midi Fit and Flare Dress, £55 Shop here


If you are reading this post and you feel as though you may need support and help, please get in touch with your doctor.



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