Black Femme Film: Ocean’s 8

Saturday 23 June. Peckhamplex, London. Tickets £14.99

Black Femme has organized a private screening of the OCEANS’S 8 movie, no doubt because of its powerful all-female ensemble cast. This event focuses on forging networks of strong black women through their love for film.

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Stratford and West Ham Community screening: Black Panther + Q&A

Friday 29 June. Stratford, London. Free

If you haven’t watched Black Panther, the Afrocentric superhero movie by Marvel, you’re in luck as Newham Community center is offering a free screening. Also on the agenda will be a Q&A session allowing people to ask questions, learning more about the movie and Africa.

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Windrush Film Premier Series: Di Journey & Brown girl begins

Saturday 16 June. Southwark, London. Tickets £11.37 – £15.14

This is a socio-historical documentary organized by  Decolonizing the Archive. It would be expansively discovering race relations through the histories of the African-Caribbean community in Britain, giving archive evidence on the legal rights of all Windrush citizens.

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Black Power Women of Brixton walk. 

Sunday 8 July. Brixton, London. Tickets £10 

Black History walk is organizing this movement to celibate and remember the life, times, and activities of numerous African/Caribbean women in Brixton.

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Africana Ball 2018

Saturday 14 July. The Lighthouse, Camberwell road. Tickets £53.69

Click here to buy tickets for this glamorous night celebrating all things African.


Talks & Workshops

Black Women in Afros

Thursday 28 June. Brixton, London. Tickets £11.37 – £16.76

An evening of lively discussion about Black women and our afros with Lekia Lee, Josephine Otuagomah, Stella Lucien.

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Girl Talk

Thursday 28 June. The Shard, London. Tickets £13.07

An evening with Neon Moon Models Essie Dennis, Kitty Underhill, Nyome Williams and Maya Felix – talking all things male gaze, body positivity, feminism and being trolled online to bringing inclusion to the table.

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Black Women, Mental Health & Wellbeing – Panel Debate

Saturday 23 June. Swiss Cottage Library, London. Tickets £9.21 – £10

Orange Moon Wellbeing presents a panel of experts discussing the issues and solutions impacting black women’s wellbeing.

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Southwark Untold: African Impact

Thursday 28 June. Bankside, London. Free

This event aims to celebrate the diverse and rich culture and business within Southwark, from fashion, arts, food, history, colours, smells and everything in between.

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Daine Shaw by Hideaway

Friday 13 July. Stanthorpe Road, London. Tickets £16.76

Hideaway Jazz Club presents a night filled with soulful jazz music by Diane Shaw after the wonderful success of her latest album “Second Chance”.

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Live Music: Dinachi // Femi

Wednesday 11 July. Apples & Pears Bar, London. Free

Dinachi Onuzo’s music is an intriguing blend of jazz, folk, highlife and gospel.

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The soul of Brixton – Eddie Otchere (Exhibition, photographic workshops & pop up dark room)

Saturday 16 June. Valentia Place, London. Tickets £5.98

Eddie Otchere delivers a photographic exhibition focused on what Brixton means to him, along with two days of photography workshops, including a pop up dark room.

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