A London branch of the famous Elvet Steakhouse recently opened in East London and our editor wasted no time heading out there to sample their menu which promised the finest steak and succulent burgers.

The busy Romford Road location of the restaurant belied the calm yet lush interior. A great place for a date night, it was all mood, soft lighting via arty lamps. The low lighting bathed everyone in a lovely glow. Sadly, it was wasted on us as hubby and I took along our two boisterous boys along.

The décor was lovely and modern, exposed brickwork, neon lights with cool slogans, dark wooden beams. You’d never guess that you were on the Romford Road in Newham, rather a hip location in central London.

Staff at Elvet Steakhouse were friendly and attentive. We had a reservation, so we were quickly ferried to a corner table as soon as we entered the restaurant. The place was extremely busy, and almost every table was occupied. I imagine it would be a very long wait if you showed up without a reservation.

A big draw for us was the fact that all meat and poultry is Halal in the restaurant. Following along this theme, all the drinks are non-alcoholic too. I had a great tasting guava drink that reminded me of the juicy fruits that used to grow in the back yard of our family home in Nigeria. Hubby had the mocktail Pina Colada. He reported that it was delicious, creamy and not too sweet.

Regular readers of my reviews will know that I am partial to a prawn starter and I wasn’t disappointed here. I went for the Prawn Tempura, four juicy pieces served with an avocado purée. It melted in the mouth, absolutely delicious. Other starters at our table were chicken wings, which had a crusty exterior but tasty with a perfectly cooked interior. It came with a Chimichurri sauce.

Elvet Steakhouse
Prawn tempura with avocado puree

For my main, I opted for the lamb chops with sweet potato hand cut chips. Although I ordered a ‘well done’, when the chops arrived they looked extremely well done but I just assumed it was a ‘Chef-fy’ way of preparing it and gamely started eating until I noticed the chops on my husband’s plate were distinctly less charred. A quick word with the waiter and they promptly replaced it with another set of chops. This was much better. Special shout out to the sweet potato chips, lightly seasoned and packed with flavor.

Finally, dessert was a poached pear with ice cream, which was divine. It was served with berries that were drenched in delicious melted chocolate and the ice cream was set on a crunchy bed (still not sure what it was), but the combination of flavours were very well thought out and delightful.

Elvet Steakhouse
Poached pear


Elvet Steakhouse
Pan-fried prawns


Elvet Steakhouse 1
Chicken wings

The Verdict: All in, this was a lovely experience and the ambience and food were very good. I give it four out of five stars.

How much? Our bill (for two adults and two children) came to about £95.


Elvet Steakhouse

392 Romford Road, Forest Gate, London E7 8DF

Visit: www.elvetsteakhouse.co.uk

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  1. Visited the place over the weekend in Forest gate. Lovely tasty food in East London. Great Article. Keep it up !

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