Well this is awkward. The subject of sex is never comfortably addressed across generations so when children accidentally catch their parents in the act, there’s no wonder that parents’ sexcuses can be a little wild as they desperately try to conjure up an excuse out of thin air.

“We were tickling each other” might be a slightly better lie than “It’s a game adults play when trying to get to sleep” but a recent study of 2,000 mums and dads say one in five couples have had their children walk in on them. Of course, the younger the child, the more easy it is to get away with such ludicrous excuses but maybe it’s always worth a try.

“I’m jumping on daddy’s belly” is another outlandish excuse that’s been used but probably the weirdest reaction to being walked in on might be a dad, who in one study said he, “quickly rolled off the side of the bed and hid underneath to prevent his little one seeing him naked.”



While a lot of parents come up with excuses out of embarrassment or purely just don’t know what to say, just under half of parents angrily shout at their kids to get out and a tiny 27% have actually fessed up to what was happening.

Here is a definitive and maybe not-so-scientific list of the best sexcuses to have up your sleeve in case your child disrupts the moment.

  1. We were just cuddling
  2. We were play fighting
  3. We were tickling each other
  4. We were just moving in the bed
  5. We were trying to get out of bed
  6. We were trying to make each other laugh
  7. We were playing a new sport
  8. We were having an argument
  9. We were searching for magical treasure
  10. We were playing horsey

Of course, a simple preventative technique to all of this is to get a lock on your bedroom door!



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