Last month, we sat down with “American Boy” singer, Estelle, to talk all things music and her plans for the future. But that’s not all we talked about. We took the opportunity to get the lowdown on her beauty regime too. From Vitamin C serums to relying on the fact that black don’t crack, here’s what Estelle does to keep on looking so fabulous.

MM: Tell us a bit about your skincare regime

I’m pretty fanatical with my skin, you know! Because of my line of work, I have to wear makeup all the time, all day, every day, just in general. There’s always work, there’s always TV, and even when I’m just walking out of the house, I always want to look fairly put together. So, I’m disciplined about my facial routine in the morning and at night-time.

life is short, wear sequins. ✨✨✨

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MM: What’s your favourite facial?

I have a great facial; it’s called Shani Darden, the lady behind the brand, Shani is an amazing facialist, she’s a doctor turned dermatologist and she is pretty amazing and put me in a very good routine that works for me.

You know, black don’t crack, it’s the truth still, but you know, we can also utilise some kind of help and support and damaging factors like pollution and travelling, moving around and staying up until four in the morning and getting up at seven and you know, things like that. It doesn’t really change the older you get!

MM: Would you ever do invasive surgery? Not that you need it.

I’m not a big fan of injectables and I don’t think I need it per se, and Shani is always like “you don’t need anything, you’re good!” I’ll just get some sleep and drink more water – that’s always her advice to me. Taking care of any scars and marks is also super important.

On this day in 2012 we gave you a All Of Me. 2nd US release, 3rd Album overall. Preceded w the single, Break My Heart Funny when i was working on this album I was having a terrible ass time personally. I was on the road singing Thank You while literally having therapy time w the audience, tears, Walking them vaguely through the fck shit i had dealt with, trying not to be lonely, or react meanly in general to EVERYTHING, trying to keep presumptuous folk from being too involved in what they thought they knew, rediscovering me, trying to breathe, literally trying to eat and not lose too much weight, ( because stress will do it to you and i like my ass and tiddies. A lot) i say all this to say it was probably my most personally depressive period in time so far, BUT I’m glad i had it, and got through it. I’m Thankful for everyone who contributed to this record, who literally held me up, who let me know it was ok to be, to cry, to laugh and dance and be still, whenever i like. Who helped me when “someone tried to run off with All of my shit” who let me know it was Perfectly perfect To explore ALL OF ME as a Grown Ass Woman and redefine Myself as Myself for Myself #Issalot #Imprivateforreal #HeartbreakAMufuckatho #ButitaHelpedBuildabetterme #IAintNeverScared #UnpackThat #ShoutOuttoMyGsWhoSawME #TagYourSelves ♥️💜♥️ #AllOfMe

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MM: Which product can you not live without?

I would say I attribute a lot to Shani and always use Vitamin C serums and make sure I use water-based moisturisers instead of grease, oil-based moisturisers. They say oil is always good for black skin, but I find that hydration is better for me because I have quite oily skin and the more you slap on oils, it clogs your pores up and that’s when you get bumps and marks and your skin isn’t able to breathe. I’m a big fan of Vitamin C serums. You can really see the difference; a lot of people who are shiny but have dry or peeling skin need moisture that is water-based instead of oil.

Queening at @Essence #WomenInHollywood today. Pic by the gawd @michaelrowephoto #myfav.

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