Do you yearn for a community of strong, resourceful and focused women to join as you build your business?

Do it Growing is a community for black female aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking to build relationships with like-minded women who understand them and their challenges and you are invited to their first gathering on Saturday 17 March 2018 at Blooms London.

Do it Growing is based on the real need in the black female community to have women with shared interests forming friendships that will not only be socially rewarding, but professionally rewarding too.

Why you should join the ‘Do it Growing’ community of entrepreneurs?

Founder, Bayo Adelaja, said: “Business life revolves around networking, but black women are traditionally unsuccessful at gaining connections in traditional networking situations, unless with other black women. We don’t get invested in, we don’t get the promotions, or the program places, sometimes we are so discouraged that we don’t even bother to apply for these things or turn up to these events. We want to help your life and business flourish by connecting you with women that you can form real friendship with.”

Why you should join the ‘Do it Growing’ community of entrepreneurs?

So, what can you expect on the day? For starters, good food and good conversation. There will be a  conversation on life and business with the founder of Pop-up Africa, Jessica Laditan. Jessica will offer her unique perspective as an entrepreneur and speak about her challenges and how she overcame them to continue to build the largest celebration of African artisans in the UK.

When is it?

Saturday 17 March 2018, 10.30am to 1.30pm. (If you register before the 12th, you can bring your child (under 5) with you because there will be a crèche at the venue).



Blooms London, in Moorgate, the first female focused co-working space in London.

To book your place, click here. (Get £5 off your ticket by using the code GOODTIMES).


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