Mica Paris is one of the UK’s most respected female singers with a career full of top 10 hit singles and albums worldwide. The range, power and sheer soulfulness of Mica Paris’ singing made an immediate impact on the UK music scene and continues to do so!

Between 11-16 February 2018 the former What Not to Wear presenter begins a five-day UK tour with a live band singing her own renditions of classic songs by the undisputed Queen of Jazz, Ella Fitzgerald. Here the vocal powerhouse shares her beauty and style secrets.

Mica Paris’ style and beauty secrets revealedYou look incredible and as if you have aged and backwards. What are your beauty secrets?
I work out and train hard and run 5k every day. I don’t care if it’s walking, whatever you’re into, 30 minutes a day, get that in and you will never look bad.

How do you get such flawless skin?
My mother looks amazing, so I’m very blessed with her skin. I say to women all the time, steam at least twice a week. Two days of steam and you’re going to look flawless. That’s the secret.

Mica Paris’ style and beauty secrets revealedWhat are your beauty product must-haves?
I have also just put out my own cream called Feed Your Skin for exfoliation. You can just go on my Instagram, it’s there you’ll see it and you can get it. It’s coming out in January. Ingesting the right thing is also good for your skin so what I do is drink cod liver oil. I know that sounds disgusting but I drink it and I drink wheatgrass every day as well, with Vitamin C.

So, you have a regime then?
Yes, it’s all about what you put in your body and on your face as well as exercising. It’s all in my book called Beautiful Within. I talk about all the stuff that I went through with my life, within the industry, and how women can get through terrible times in their life by keeping fit, looking after themselves.

Tickets for Mica Paris shows are available here


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