We all gave a collective shudder when we saw H&M’s ‘coolest monkey’ slogan on the young king recently. How could this have happened? Is H&M racist? We’re more inclined to think that the incident happened because, once again, the right people were not given a seat at the table.

Would the offensive statement adorned by the young boy have made it past all the checks and sign offs, to end up on the shop floor if it had been spotted by someone who would have been sensitive to the racial connotations of such a phrase? While we can speculate on that topic, one thing is clear, much more needs to be done to reduce the low levels of BAME (Black and Minority Ethnic) talent into the creative industries, and one start-up is stepping up to the plate.

Established a year ago, SocialFixt, is a community led organisation, which has tasked itself with encouraging greater numbers of BAME talent into creative industry jobs, particularly in the fields of advertising and marketing, design, fashion and music, from 11.4% at the moment to at least 21% in the next four years.

Why it’s time to stop minding the gap of BAME talent in creative industries

They are embarking on a six-month employability building series of events, headed up by panellists from top organisations, including Google, BuzzFeed, Livity, Warner Music and Forbes. The six-part series will take the form of advice sessions, workshops and networking exercises.

Why it’s time to stop minding the gap of BAME talent in creative industries
Pictured: Mercedes F Benson.

SocialFixt founder, Social Media Influencer and Marketer, Mercedes F Benson, is passionate about raising awareness of Black and Asian talent within the UK, enabling them to have greater awareness and equal access to creative job opportunities.

Mercedes said:

“The Fixt Series will tackle issues such as confidence, business, self-worth and so-on, allowing attendees to feel ready to embark on the early stages of their career. With only 11.4% of the industry currently being filled by BAME talent, there is so much more for us to do to make sure they are equipped with the right tools and advice needed to succeed.”

The series kicks off on Tuesday 16 January, with “FIX YOUR CV” – a CV clinic and workshop. Tickets are £10 and limited.


The Fixt Series:

16 January – Fix Your CV

13 February – Fix Your Worth

8 March – Fix The Gap

10 April – Fix Your Business

22 May – Fix Your Confidence

28 June – The Fixt Finale


Buy tickets (£10) here.

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