How can you silence that voice? Those negative words, those thoughts and phrases that you tell yourself, subconsciously, everyday?

Our life coach contributor, Madeline McQueen, is here to tell you that the small, negative voice inside you is lying! After all, would you have made it this far in life if you were not magnificent?

Each day, as you go about your daily tasks you prove your capabilities and each day that you live and breathe you take those capabilities and create more, become even more and achieve more. When you realise the truth, and refuse to listen to the lies you can quickly multiply not just your sense of achievement but your actual achievements.

It’s easy to keep telling yourself that you can’t and make excuses that hold you back from being all that you can be. Easy to listen to that voice in the back of your head that tells you that you can’t.

It’s easier to focus on the old messages and labels that you were told as a child by a parent, siblings, teacher or others in your life. If they’ve always said it then it’s got to be true, right?

Why do you find it easy to not believe the great, positive things that people say about you? The accolades that you get from friends or work colleges, people you meet, somehow you won’t let them permeate to your inner being.

Why? Because then that would mean that you would have to accept them. Then in accepting them, you would have to believe them. And when you believe them they will empower you to do more, which means that you would, then, have to take action.

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All the excuses are gone, all the reasons not to be what you are capable of being evaporate. Once you accept these wonderful things about you, you have no choice but to achieve and do more.

The funny thing is that you know that you are due more, capable of more greatness, able to achieve on an elevated level. Yet you pause and contemplate everything that you believe that you are not, instead of celebrating everything that you are. You are a work in progress wonderfully and magnificently made and as a friend of mine often tells me – you are gold.

It seems that the only person who does not know this… is you.

So, today, when you hear that voice that tells you that you can’t or that you shouldn’t and that you won’t, tell it to shut up! Yes, that’s right tell it to keep quiet and leave you alone. Tell it that it is a liar and that you have proof of your worth based on all that you have achieved thus far. Tell it that it has no place in your life and ask it to leave.

That voice in your head will keep coming back, but, you’ll find that it will get fainter and less frequent the more you tell it to go. You must create new pathways in your brain for your thoughts to travel on. Pathways that are more positive, pathways that lead to more empowerment, more action and more success. The more you focus on creating a new narrative in your mind, the more the old pathways will start to disappear, and the old thoughts won’t have anywhere to travel in your brain.

We hear the saying all the time “mind over matter!” We may not realise that it’s true.  All battles are won or lost in the mind before you even attempt action. So, go ahead and call those negative thoughts lies and fill your mind with the truth of you. The sooner you do this the sooner you will achieve what you are capable of.

Live in truth and live in your truths about how great you really are. Because the lies are just not true.


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