Women are complicated. Fact! And nowhere are we more complex that when it comes to our sexual habits and preferences.

As with the most important things in life, it’s not the destination but the journey, and learning what turns you on, and off, in the bedroom should be a pleasurable experience. Individually, we know what we like between the sheets, but being the nosy lot that we are, we jumped at the chance to see what other people get up to behind closed doors.

Contrary to popular belief, when it comes to sexual pleasure, it’s not news that we have specific ways of how we like to be touched intimately. A recent study of 1,000 women, aged between 18 and 94 (mostly heterosexual), threw up some interesting facts on how women orgasm.

Of those that were questioned in the study, which was published in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, (about half of whom were married), 36.6% said that they needed clitoral stimulation to orgasm during intercourse, while a further 36% said that they didn’t need it to orgasm, although it did “enhance” the experience!

21512930 - smiling african man in bed kissing wife in bed What Women Really Want In Bed!

We were in awe of the 18% of women that said they were able to orgasm through vaginal penetration alone, often regarded as quite difficult to achieve. The remaining 9% of women didn’t orgasm at all during intercourse and instead relied on clitoral stimulation, i.e by cunnilingus or fingers, before intercourse.

Moving on to the quality of orgasms, the mean age at which the women realised that “all orgasms are not created equal” i.e some orgasms are “better” than others, is 24.6 years old. To achieve the best orgasms, more than half of the women felt that spending time to build arousal, having a partner who knows what they like, and emotional intimacy contributed to better orgasms, while 39% felt that clitoral stimulation during intercourse helped some orgasms feel better than others”.

Another fascinating area of the survey was the diversity in how women like to be touched down below, with two thirds preferring “direct clitoral stimulation”. Of those surveyed, the two most preferred motions “that were endorsed by more than half of women were up and down (63.7%) and circular movements (51.6%)”.

If nothing else, this study proves the importance of honest communication with your sexual partner on your likes and turn-offs, as your silence will no doubt be perpetuating the myth that there is only one way of pleasuring a woman, and that one set of moves works for everyone.

Everyone deserves good sex, you better get yours!


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