Paphos is brilliant. Named the European Capital of Culture for 2017, it definitely deserves to be the next place on your must-visit list.

So, to make sure you’re fully prepared for your trip, we bring you our top things to do whilst in the area based on our experiences…

Eat mezze… and lots of it

The Cypriots know how to eat. And let’s face it; with the gorgeous national cuisine available over there, it’s hardly surprising. When in Paphos, there are several fantastic places to go and enjoy a wonderful traditional mezze with wave-upon-wave of succulent, fresh and wonderfully tasty grub such as grilled fish, hummus and stewed vegetables.

Where to go – Seven St. Georges restaurant in Geroskipou village

Top things to do in PaphosLarge groups eat their fill at Seven St. Georges restaurant…


Go on a jeep safari up the Troodos mountains

Nothing lets you know you’re going on an adventure more than boarding a jeep. There are plenty of jeep safari tours available that allow you to roam into the mountains, look down over the winding pathways and verdant vineyards before stopping off at a local winery for a tour and tasting experience.

Where to go — Ktima Gerolemos winery

Top things to do in PaphosAmazing views up here…


Stay somewhere lovely

Sometimes cheap and cheerful is the way forward, but for those other times, there’s luxury accommodation. Choosing a 5* hotel is a great way to relax, switch off and let all of your needs be taken care of. Enjoy all of the trimmings including infinity pools, room service, expert childcare and exquisite restaurants.

Where to stay – 5* Almyra hotel

Top things to do in PaphosUtter bliss at the Almyra…


Try making halloumi cheese

Halloumi is a source of pride in Cyprus. Cheese-lovers owe a lot to Cyprus for bringing halloumi to the world. Where better to try the stuff than its own homeland? Or better still; why not try your hand at making it? It takes a bit of research, but you can find traditional halloumi producers who occasionally invite people into their homes to have a go at making it for themselves.

Where to go – visit Mrs Sofia in Letymbou

Top things to do in PaphosAbout to try our hand at making some halloumi cheese…


Go on a boat trip

Paphos is known as the birthplace of the goddess of love: Aphrodite. In fact, you can visit the very spot in which she was said to have been born via a boat tour that stops off around the area. There are plenty of boat tours in Paphos; one of our favourites is the cruise around the stunning Akamas Peninsular.

Who to book – Latchi Boat Cruises

Top things to do in PaphosThe vibrant waters at Akamas Peninsular speak for themselves…


Learn about the history and culture

You don’t have to go very far to see some fabulous places of historical or cultural note in Paphos. There are a number of Byzantine churches that you can visit, housing beautiful, aged relics and a palpable atmosphere. Kato Paphos archaeological site is also particularly famous, holding the Tombs of the Kings, the mosaics and the remains of an ancient theatre.

Where to go – Kato Paphos archaeological site

Top things to do in PaphosThe crumbling ruins from ancient times gone by…


Go for drinks in the old town

You can take the Brit out of England, but… What’s a holiday without a night out, right? There are plenty of bars and restaurants serving great food and cocktails in the heart of Paphos. Better still, wander a little over to the old town and drink as the locals do in quaint and hearty bars with live music and an even livelier patronage.

Where to go – Timothy’s Art Bar

Top things to do in PaphosTry some of the locally made wine at the bars in Paphos old town


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This article was written by Kiran Flynn

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