Did you know that your eyebrows are one of the most hard-working features on your face?

If you don’t believe us, try doing your makeup, but leave your eyebrows untouched. Not many of you would dare! While many of us are happy to go makeup free, almost all of us insist on fixing our eyebrows before stepping out of their house.

There are numerous brow accessories available to help us groom our brows, from gels to keep the strands in place to pencil fillers for those stubborn areas that refuse to grow. One brand that you should definitely check out is Sherille Riley’s Beauty Edit, Mayfair. Launched in June 2017, the deluxe range’s exclusive collection of brow styling solutions is expertly crafted to deliver results, ensuring brows look natural, healthy and effortlessly styled.

We were sent a set of products to review and from the moment we opened the exceptional-looking packaging, we knew it would be quality all the way through. We experienced a special kind of pride to know that such craftsmanship and quality was from a black-owned brand. So, what’s in the Beauty Edit, Mayfair collection?


Brow Filler £20

Introducing the Nails & Brows Beauty Edit, Mayfair kit Like it says on the tin, use this filler to create fullness to your eyebrows. It comes in three colours, including ‘Dark Dahlia’ for darker brows. The sharp point will help you recreate your missing brow hairs and lasts for 12 hours.


Brow Lift £24

Introducing the Nails & Brows Beauty Edit, Mayfair kit The job of the highlighter is to lift and accentuate your brow bone. Available in three shades to accommodate the lighter spectrum. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for more deeper hues. The pencil is also an effective concealer, disguising eyebrow tattoos or imperfections.


Brow Setter, £25

Introducing the Nails & Brows Beauty Edit, Mayfair kitWith the trend of wearing our brows fuller and more natural-looking, you can’t do without having a brow setter in your makeup bag. This product even has vitamins and oils to strengthen and condition your brows.


Highlighter Brush £18

Introducing the Nails & Brows Beauty Edit, Mayfair kitUse this brush to blend in your preferred shape under your brow bone.


Brow Styler £18

Introducing the Nails & Brows Beauty Edit, Mayfair kitHow did we ever manage without a spoolie brush? This beautifully crafted tool will help tame any unruly hairs and minimise harshly defined eyebrow shapes.

This brow kit is everything you need to create beautifully shaped eyebrows. Do you even need to ask? It’s thumbs up from us!

 Buy Beauty Edit, Mayfair here


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