When it comes to travelling, generally, there are two types of people; those who over pack, and lug like their entire wardrobe along for a city break, and those smug ones who manage to squeeze a six-week supply of clothes and supplies in a small back-pack!

Whichever camp you fall into, there are some essential items that you should take along on your trip for the best chance of enjoying your holiday in good health.

In addition to making sure that you gather your holiday checklist of travel and insurance documents, Bav Heer, a pharmacist for more than 20 years, is reminding us about the importance of packing some pretty important pharmacy items, that should be in your travel survival kit. Taking these items with you rather than buying them overseas can remove the risk of buying counterfeit medications, and possibly, buying the wrong thing through a language barrier.

What you need to pack for a healthy holiday, by a pharmacist
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Here are her top travel health tips:

Sun protection
If you are going to a sunny destination, remember to take a high factor sun cream with you and ensure you take a big enough supply to last the length of your stay. If you are engaging in water sports be sure to use the water proof version.

Malaria and vaccines
This one depends on where you are travelling to. Always check the recommendations according to where you are travelling. The guidelines are updated regularly and can change up to twice a year; you need to start taking these before travel. The NHS does not cover travel medications; some require private prescriptions, whilst you can buy others over the counter.

If you know that you are likely to react to a bite or suffer with allergies then take along the ant-histamines that you know. Depending on where you are travelling you may not be able to find anything suitable. It’s also a good idea to pack organic allergen barrier balms, insect-bite creams and oral rehydration salts.

Food related issues, (gastroenteritis, norovirus, food poisoning)
Bav Heer recommends you take along Enterosgel, a natural, drug free gel which is suitable for children of all ages and adults (even during pregnancy or when breastfeeding). Rather than seek a solution that will stop the diarrhoea, it’s important to use something that will help to eliminate the cause of the diarrhoea as well, and Enterosgel can help do that. You can also use it as a preventative measure, i.e, start taking it at the beginning of your trip, for protection against travel bugs.


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