Have you ever wondered what it would take to be crowned the number one hotel in the world?

It seems impossible that one hotel can lay claim to this accolade, but that’s exactly what the Nihi Sumba Island hotel, formerly Nihiwatu, in Indonesia has achieved, for the second year running.

Voted number one by Travel + Leisure Magazine’s global readership in their annual World’s Best Awards, Nihi Sumba Island is simply stunning, but it wasn’t just looks that sealed its top spot, it was their philanthropic efforts too. The resort places great importance on supporting and preserving the local community. With the management incorporating, for guests, activities and “compelling moments that inspire, and ultimately create a charitable impact.”

Your regular hotel, it most certainly is not. It has a chocolate factory where guest can learn how to make different kinds of candy bars from locally sourced cocoa beans. There is also an open-air yoga session where guest can enjoy raw cocoa and oil massage from professionals at the spa.

What is the #1 hotel in the world? Nihi Sumba Island
The award winning spa safari at Nihi Sumba Island. ©Jason Childs Photo (PRNewsfoto/Nihiwatu)

Guest at the hotel can also experience nature at the Lake Weekuri, which is a saltwater pool that is separated by the ocean and is a great spot for lakeside picnic or hangouts. The hotel is surrounded by lush trees and rocks, great for leisurely bathing or a refreshing plunge.

After receiving their award, the manager of the Nihi Hotel said: “We are honoured by this award and look forward to broadening our mission in other parts of the world.”

This resort is most definitely in bucket list territory!






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