Dating! You either love it or hate it. Many people thrive off of dating claiming that it helps them figure out who they are and what they like in a potential partner.

But, for others the idea of dating sparks a whole realm of mixed emotions. From severe anxiety to plain self-doubt when date night two isn’t on the cards.

One of the surefire ways that you can ensure that you will have a good time, even if the sparks don’t fly, is by picking the right activity for your date. We’ve put together ten refreshing options that will go a long way to seeing that date night number two is firmly on the cards.


Stage Productions
You may be thinking the glitz and the glam of the West End would make a perfect first date that will be sure to impress your partner of the night. But, often this option comes with a costly ticket to match, and if you haven’t met your date before, five hours of sitting through silence can be a risky venture! However, if this doesn’t phase you, cut the cost down for a start by visiting a musical theatre academy. By exploring this option not only are you able to watch emerging talent rehearse their recent works but you will be immersed in a more laid back environment at the fraction of the cost. Don’t forget the popcorn!
Link: American Musical Theatre Academy


City Farm
If your date doesn’t like animals, then you already know they aren’t the one for you! But, if they are at one with nature, London has plenty of City Farms to visit where you can engage with your date over a stroll through the wildflower meadows or over coffee and cake in the locally sourced cafe. A date like this will ensure you properly get to know one another whilst you enjoy the summer festivities of the farm.
Link: Vauxhall City Farm


Roller Disco
10 Adventurous Ways to Spend Your First DateThe days of roller disco don’t end with David Guetta mixes and outlandish neon leg warmers. Get your skates on for your first date and impress your dancing partner with some signature moves (and falls) that will guarantee to break the barrier of awkward conversation starters.  Check out Southbank’s BUMP for an evening of vintage rides and impressive performances.
Link: Bump Club


Art Exhibition
Soak up the culture and artistic talent at one of London’s finest art exhibitions. Visiting an art exhibition on your first date automatically grants you with a common talking point of the evening where you can gauge the other person’s likes and dislikes. Additionally, immersing yourselves in art will prompt your date to display more in depth sides of their personality which you may not have otherwise seen until much later on.
Link: The Tate


ArcelorMittal Orbit
10 Adventurous Ways to Spend Your First DateIf you and your date have already established that you are both thrill seekers, visiting the ArcelorMittal in Stratford will not disappoint. The longest tube slide in the world which is situated on the UK’s tallest sculpture will provide you with stunning views of London as you slide down the 50m run to the bottom. Top your date off by visiting CRATE brewery where you can sample the finest craft beers with a pizza slice or two.
Link: ArcelorMittal Orbit


Helicopter Tour
If the sights from the UK’s tallest sculpture don’t tickle your fancy, it may be worth taking to new heights. By exploring the UK’s capital from the clouds in one of the most sophisticated ways of travel. You’ll be sure to make a lasting impression on your date. Be swept off your feet as you both marvel over the fantastic views and who knows, as you fly over the London eye and the shard, you could plan your next date pit stop…
Link: The London Helicopter


Treasure Hunt
If heights really aren’t your thing then be sure to explore the city on foot by taking your date on a treasure hunt across London. Doing an activity on your first date works wonders for building up a relationship as you solve difficult questions, tasks and challenges that will enable you to move through the city and learn interesting facts and trivia about your location. Most importantly, you’ll be working together as a team where you’ll be able to establish their level of patience and intelligence. Two birds, one stone.
Link: We are Wildgoose


Secret Cinema
38489243 - happy young couple watching a film at the cinema 10 Adventurous Ways to Spend Your First DateWho needs Vue and the Odeon when you can be part of the cinema experience yourself with one of London’s best kept secrets.
Take your date night to 19th century Paris as you immerse yourself in the classic Moulin Rouge setting in Montmare’s seductive dance club. A surreal experience which will enable you both to dress up in outrageous costumes from the hit film to enjoy an evening as your designated character. A whole new meaning of role play altogether.
Link: Secret Cinema


Morning Rave
If you really want an alternative way of dating, choose a day date with a twist. Opting for the A.M. will soon show whether that person is a morning person and whether they have the stamina for this activity. A morning rave will not only wake you both up and ready you for the day,  you can also sample some alcohol free concoctions as well as free massages. It really is the perfect way to start the day.
Link: Morning Gloryville


Introducing a more competitive alternative is ping pong extravaganza – BOUNCE. A perfect date which provides options for dates in the evening after work, or weekends where you can experience the delights of a two-hour bottomless brunch! Set in two of the most trendy parts of London, you and your date are bound to have buckets of fun as you laugh over your awful ping pong skills.
Link: Bounce Ping Pong


By exploring alternative options to first dates you will almost certainly banish any last minute nerves. You’ll be so busy marveling over impressive pieces of art or concentrating on your ping pong technique that the whole experience will feel utterly natural. Plus, experiencing something new and exciting is always one to tick off the bucket list!


This article was written by Holly Barry


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