Parents are reportedly fighting a losing battle with their children who are constantly glued to the screens of their tech device, causing concerns that they are not getting enough fresh air.

The lure of playing video games, or watching things on their computer is proving too much for children who are now spending too much time on these activities, with parents worrying their children are less physically active, often comparing them to their own childhood selves.

According to a study by the Golden Mile, which polled 1,000 parents with children aged four to 16, most parents are concerned with their children’s activity and revealed that one fifth of parents relies on school to keep their children fit and physically active.
48149968 - young girl using tablet on bed at home “Put down the iPad and go play outside” say parents to tech-obsessed kids
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The average child spends close to and one and a half hours watching television, and a little over an hour playing on a tablet or mobile.

Shocked by the findings, Olympic Gold Medallist and Golden Mile ambassador, Dame Kelly Holmes believes families need guidance and support to get more active and encourage future generations to do the same.

“Put down the iPad and go play outside” say parents to tech-obsessed kids
Image Credit: Dame Kelly Holmes/Instagram.

“We need to get children doing more physical activity and get them feeling good about themselves. We will then have a nation of happier, healthier children. Children should be active every single day. Exercise should be made part of a child’s daily routine, both in and out of school, every morning.”

Up to 31% of parents surveyed don’t push their child to get out more often if they don’t want to or if they seem too tired.

However, 57% have noticed that encouraging their child to get active had a positive impact on their behaviour, improving attention span, concentration and overall happiness.

So, take a stand and sign your child up for some extracurricular activities or take up a sport. Not only will it improve their health and wellbeing, it will seem less like a burden if they’re having fun with friends!


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