Summer is nearly here. The days are longer and brighter and it’s finally feeling warmer.

For many of us, the imminent arrival of summer gets us thinking about whipping our bodies into shape, ready to show some skin. We become more conscious of what we’re eating and begin to think about improving our fitness. Salads replace heavy carbs and smoothies take the place of the morning coffee.

While I am not an advocate of the notion that we have to look a certain way when the sun’s out (or under any other circumstances), I do think reflecting on the state of our overall health and wellbeing is a positive and beneficial thing to do at any time of the year.

Here are five Instagram health and wellbeing gurus to follow who’ll leave you wanting to run a marathon, swap cupcakes for kale chips and prioritise self-care in no time.

Dr Lauretta Ihonor

Dr Lauretta describes herself as a London-based medical doctor turned health journalist and nutrition consultant.
Her Instagram photos are sure to give you food envy and her profile is the go-to place to for inspiration on how to eat healthy without sacrificing your favourite treats.
She also shares positive, inspirational and motivational quotes alongside the mouth-watering food images.
Her website is full to the brim with health and diet related articles giving tips and insights into the latest health fads and trends.
Instagram: @bodybrilliancedoctor


Tashi Skervin-Clarke

Tashi is a running, lifestyle and travel blogger based in London. Her Instagram profile is full of images of her sporting Lycra that will have you screaming #goals while crushing over her physique.
She shares her fitness and running journey through her photos and also features some health-related products.
On her website, you will find blog posts sharing fitness tips as well as small glimpses into her personal life.
Instagram: @tashiskervin


Kelechi Okafor

Bank holiday training done…I’m getting stronger and I’m super happy about that. Baby Girl or nah??

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Kelechi describes herself as a twerk innovator, pole dance teacher and personal trainer and she has her own studio in East London where she runs classes.
Not only does she offer alternative ways to get and stay fit that are fun, she empowers women to embrace their sexuality and is outspoken and totally unapologetic about being a black woman.
She regularly addresses issues related to race and gender on her Instagram Stories, which will either have you laughing out loud with her one-liners or nodding vigorously in agreement with the authentic no-B.S. truth she delivers.
Instagram: @kelechnekoff


Elle Linton

Last night, I got to hang out with some ladies who I already know are awesome – @paddlepedalpaceblog @1vision2girls @fatgirlfit2015 – to celebrate being This Girl Can Ambassadors for Essex 🎉🎊🎈 – I’m representing Epping Forest as I’m based over in Loughton (yknow, the east end of the central line 😉) …I’ve lived there for almost ten years now so it’s about time I started sharing my passion for all things active a little closer to home! – I’ve never really talked about the national campaign as I’ve been in two minds but I figured the best way to make a difference is from the inside, right?! – I’m excited to see what the next year brings 🙃 – Are you a fan of #ThisGirlCan?! Or do you hold any particular views / ideas about it and what can be done?! – #keepitsimpElle #london #londonbloggers #ThisGirlCanEssex #alltogether #essex #loughton #activeessex

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Elle is a personal trainer, health and fitness professional and founder of Borrow My // Blender, a service specialising in smoothies for PR, brand and fitness events.
Her Instagram profile showcases the many health and fitness activities she participates in, which can be a source of inspiration if you’re bored with your current fitness routine.
She makes fitness look fun and shows us that you can still look good while breaking a sweat.
Through her website she shares recipes, reviews of products she’s tried and insights into her fitness journey.
Instagram: @ellelinton



Ending my evening going through old pictures, and I stumbled across this picture taken in the summer of 2015. I was so excited finding a life-sized Chess board that I immediately asked for a picture to be taken (yes, before fixing my hair, and adjusting my oversized trousers lol). Why? Three years previous to this I decided to learn how to play Chess; not something many around me did, but that was exactly why I wanted to learn! We have to break cycles, explore the new, and educate those that follow. I can honestly say learning how to play was one of the most revealing lessons about life and business I learned that year… seriously. I will tell you why… Life and Business is like a game of Chess – each wrong move teaches you to be more vigilant next time; every move automatically puts you at an advantage or disadvantage; you have to keep moving; sacrifices have to be made at some point to aim for the bigger win; you must think strategically enough to embody/play every position; your competitor is your teacher… learn to predict their next move, without ‘over-predicting’, or planning too far ahead, resulting in a stalemate; do not get distracted or take your eyes off the ‘board’… So you see? Life and Business is quite like a game of Chess. If there is one new game you or your loved ones learn this year, let it be Chess (followed closely by Cashflow by Robert Kiyosaki), and do not forget to bring your children in on the fun and learning too! With that said, I am wishing you all a blessed and productive week ahead, and an evening as pleasing as a good Chess move 😊. From Novena-Chanel, The Equilibrium Coach™ – The Mind, Body, Life Practitioner –

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Novena-Chanel is a registered integrative counsellor/psychotherapist, life coach, nutritional advisor, reiki practitioner, radio host and writer.
Via her Instagram profile, she shares daily wisdom, coaching tips and inspiration that will prompt you to reflect on your life as well as encourage you to prioritise your overall wellbeing.
She follows a vegan plant-based diet and often shares recipes and meal ideas that the whole family can enjoy alongside nutritional information such as the benefits of aloe vera and ginger.
Instagram: @novenachanel


Once you start following these health and wellbeing gurus on Instagram, you’ll be eager to dust off your trainers, clean up your diet and prioritise your overall self-care.

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