They say what you don’t know can’t hurt you but some of the secrets we are keeping from our partners are heart-breaking, hilarious … and in some cases downright disgusting.

Men and women anonymously confessed the things they are hiding from their other halves in a survey by research company OnePoll. The unmentionable facts and feelings included:

Couples anonymously confess the secrets they'd never tell their partners


  • “My husband has no idea that I’m bisexual”
  • “I have another child from a casual fling long before we met”
  • “I was a costumed extra in Star Wars Phantom Menace. He is obsessed with Star Wars and I just like knowing that I was actually in one of the movies and he has no idea”
  • “I was once arrested for peeing in a shop window display”
  • “I have a moustache and have to remove the hair when he is out of the house”
  • “My partner does not know that I once dated a member of the Stereophonics
  • “That I have an ISA just in my name. He thinks it’s joint but he’s totally out of touch with our finances”
  • “I regularly look at houses in my home town to move into on my own”
  • “I know he’s cheating on me”
  • “I’ve been suffering from depression and anxiety for the last 18 months”



  • “I hate her cooking but can’t bring myself to tell her”
  • “I like to be spanked”
  • “I have only ever loved one woman, and she’s not her!”
  • “That I was a virgin when we met”
  • “Sometimes I pick my ear and eat it”
  • “I once dated a porn model”
  • “I volunteer to go away with work even though I tell her my boss says I have to go”
  • “I can’t stand her parents”
  • “We’ve been together for a year and I’ve taken Viagra every time we’ve had sex”
  • “I gamble on the stock market”


Honesty is often the best policy, but some of these truth bombs can potentially be deal-breakers! What do you think?


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