Has your body adjusted since the clocks went back last Sunday (26 March)? For those of you who already struggle with following a regular sleeping pattern, adjusting our internal clocks is rough. And what’s tougher is presenting a face to the world that screams that you’ve just had a sleepless night. The good news is that there is a way to look refreshed and awake – even if your sleep schedule is in the dumps.

Look Like a Beauty Without the Sleep - 19632381 - overslept woman lying on bed looking at alarm clockTip 1: Shut it down – electronics that is. Before going to sleep, shut down all electronics – that means TV, computer and, yes, your smartphone. These all are stimulants for the brain, and if you’re answering emails in bed at 10pm, you’re going to have a difficult time getting to sleep. Hit the power switch at least an hour before bedtime.

Tip 2: Get up … NOW! Once the alarm goes off, get out of bed immediately. Snoozing is not sleep; it’s just prolonging the inevitable.

Tip 3: So now that you’re up – do something. Try a morning workout to get motivated and feel energized for the day. Take a quick run or hit an early morning spin class. Be sure to challenge yourself first thing and then see how much easier your morning commute feels.

Tip 4: Hydrate. Great-looking skin isn’t just about what you put on it, but also what you put in your body. Skip that morning cup of coffee, which can be dehydrating, and drink a glass of water instead. The water will not only give you a kick in the morning, but also help hydrate skin, leaving it looking and feeling refreshed.

Tip 5: Wakeup and fake it! Use hydrating and stimulating creams and makeup. Search for products that contain essential minerals and ingredients, such as cucumber and aloe, which soothe and hydrate skin.

Tip 6: Do NOT skip breakfast. You’ve worked out, you’ve hydrated, you’re looking gorgeous. Why deny your body the nutrients it needs to keep it looking and feeling refreshed by walking out the door without grabbing a quick bite?


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