Finding the right flat iron hair straightener can be an expensive and often disheartening exercise as many popular straighteners stop short of doing the business for afro hair. You can then imagine how excited we were when we found the LiLySaNaHairCare range of straighteners, the flagship product from 28-year old hair lover, Lisa-Lyna Abangma, which caters for natural afro hair, as well as other hair types.

LilySanaHairCareThe enterprising young founder and CEO, originally from Cameroon, Africa, created her range of affordable straighteners after realising that natural afro hair is often not the main target when it comes to hair straighteners on the whole. Initially sceptical, we took up Lisa’s offer to straighten a member of our team’s natural 4C hair. Read on for Eunice Marfo’s review.

I’ve never been keen on straightening my hair, so it took a little convincing to try out this new brand of straighteners! Past experience using straighteners as a teen, saw my hair turn flat, dry and stubbornly revert back to its original state five minutes after stepping out into the wind. I needn’t have worried.

Lisa’s straighteners are made with tourmaline ceramic plates, most others are made from titanium or just ceramic plates. The significance of tourmaline is that it actually contributes to the appearance and health of your hair, not just its straightness. Lisa said:

“These straighteners will make your hair look sleek, shiny and glossy and not dry, as the straighteners help to release the moisture in your hair – that’s the benefit of having tourmaline.”


The straighteners are heat adjustable, and warm up within 20 seconds. Lisa currently has two products in the range. The first has a temperature range starting from 50 to 230 degrees and costs £74.99. This is the model we used. The second, is set from 130 to 230 degrees and costs £79.99. Lisa said: “The first one works for people who do not want to apply a lot of heat to their hair, or for hair that does not require a high setting, such as Asian or European hair.

I have what you might categorise as 4c kinky afro hair which requires lots of raw shea butter, coconut oil and TLC of course. So if you have hair like me what can you expect? Well, with just three strokes per section at 200 degrees I was left with shiny, glossy and soft hair! And it wasn’t flat or dry! I was also left with some volume, which is what I personally prefer. The straightness remained for two weeks. This is the power of tourmaline!

So how does it work? Lisa said:

“Tourmaline allows the heat to be evenly distributed throughout the plate so you’re able to get the result a lot quicker. On optimum heat, one or two strokes will straighten your hair, so you won’t have to worry about going over it again and again.”

Lisa’s straighteners also have an automatic switch off function after 60 minutes of inactivity, a pretty handy feature if you’re worried you might burn the house down! There is also a 360-degree swivel cord, which allows more hand movement while straightening, and stops the cord from getting tangled. The straighteners look appealing, aren’t bulky, and can be easily carried around in your bag.

I was pleasantly surprised at the impressive results. Seriously, I had some serious shimmer going on when Lisa finished was finished with my hair.

So, if you are looking for a straighter that caters to all hair types, and leaves you with a gleaming shine, try LiLySaNaHairCare and see the amazing results for yourself!

Always remember to apply heat defence first. Lisa will soon be launching her own heat defence range soon, so watch this space! But for now, her unique straighteners are available to buy in the UK and internationally, from the LiLySaNaHairCare website. readers can get 15% off their order! Simply add the following  discount code when you place an order ‘Melan15’.



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