Nearly three months in to the new year and no doubt the initial zeal that led many of us to make new year wellness resolutions, is probably dying off. Let’s face it, those strict juice cleanses, rigorous exercise and complete banishment of specific foods was always going to be a tough regime to follow.

A more forgiving and lasting solution could be to show your body some love. was recently invited, along with a dozen other journalists, to a candlelit yoga press event at Bhuti, in Richmond, London, run by Samantha Trinder, a qualified yoga teacher, and the theme was ‘be kind to your body’.

Samantha Trinder

Bhuti, which means “wellbeing”, is the realisation of a local mum’s dream, Sama who wanted to create an everyday escape where like-minded people could come together. Central to Sama’s philosophy is self-love. The early part of the year, “Should be a time of being kind to oneself, loving and nurturing your body for the year ahead. So embarking on a masochistic regime of raw juice cleanses, rigorous exercise and a complete elimination of a drop of alcohol can be counterproductive”, says Sama.


Upon arriving at the centre for our yoga session, we were greeted at the door and immediately brought to the lockers and changing rooms where we were asked to remove our shoes.


The yoga session was set in a large dimly lit room, filled with the smell of incense burning. Just the rustle of bodies moving could be heard, and Sama’s soft voice encouraging us to let go of the stress of the new year and just relax.

Following the session, we gathered in a room to listen to an astrologist, after which we were then lead to the kitchen where a colourful vegan meal awaited us.


Eating the right foods is important. Bhuti’s in house nutritionist, Cicely Brown suggests eating foods which are rich in tryptophan, including almonds, bananas and turkey. Tryptophan naturally increases serotonin production within our brain, which in turn releases ‘mood-boosting’ hormones making us feel happier. Contrary to what we are often lead to believe, raw foods can often be more harmful to your bodies during this time of year. Cicely recommends eating warming foods such as casseroles and stews and only eating raw food alongside cooked food to enable digestion.

We really enjoyed our time at Bhuti. The centre is a welcoming new well-being space that offers hi-tech holistic natural treatments, complementary therapies, members space, events, workshops and an organic vegan kitchen.

Four different memberships are presented to any new comer, with the possibility of simply paying per session.

All classes are expertly-led by professionals and are suitable for beginners, intermediate levels or advanced.

Whether you simply need a place to think and reboot, or want to practice your yoga or pilates, or just to talk to someone, Bhuti is the place to go.


“Bhuti will help you hibernate, go within, get quiet and properly asses your life. What makes you happy, how can you love yourself and your body to manifest 2017 into the year you want it to be.”


For more information on Bhuti, visit their website:


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