Those five little words can often times have the biggest of impacts on a woman’s life! Okay, not as huge as “Will you marry me?”… but hey, it’s a step in the right direction.

As Valentine’s Day fast approaches it can feel like the whole world is caught up in the spinning frenzy of chocolates, cards, candles and… lingerie – but, how about the scores of ladies who DON’T get asked that question?

What does Valentine’s Day mean to the women (well those within the western world anyway) who have no valentine? Do they even care anymore? Things have moved on quite a bit thankfully. Remember those teenage American films when the school kids are in the cafeteria at lunch time and there’s the one awkward looking kid who walks in with their dinner tray and there’s no seat at the table for them… they’re just left standing there by the door, clutching onto their dinner tray, looking at the joyous rabble before them and wishing with all their heart that they could belong…

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Sadly… this is where many women still find themselves on Valentine’s Day… on the edge… looking in at the seemingly happy crowd of women who have their partners… who have their gifts and surprises all displayed across social media platforms like colourful wrapping paper … However, I’d like to remind you dear readers, that not everything on social media is what it seems and yes… you may see a young lady with a dazzling new diamond ring on display on your news feed… but think carefully about what you’re being fed. No one ever knows what really goes on behind closed doors! That sparkler could be yet another “apology gift” and a promise that it won’t happen again… Who knows!

Now I don’t want to seem like I’m against relationships, love and Valentine’s Day. Far from it! My husband and I actually got married on Valentine’s Day and I love being spoiled with gifts and chocolate (especially chocolate) – and I love the joy of spreading love and seeing people genuinely happy and in love. But I’m also conscious of the fact that for many women… that desire to be loved isn’t always met by the right people and the pressures of Valentine’s Day can make it a time when standards (and low-cut tops) tend to get lowered – and reckless behaviours followed by next day regrets become the norm… all because of one day!

So for those out there who love ‘love’ … enjoy your Valentine’s Day with your boo and celebrate and love each other. And hey, if you don’t have a Valentine’s this year… it’s all good! Buy yourself a box of chocolates, pour yourself a glass of wine and say cheers to a beautiful you – because there is no one else exactly like you in the world and that my dear, is so worth celebrating!

And for anyone who is single out there and who would like to come out for a Valentine’s Day meal, I’m holding a little Valentine’s dinner for singles in London on 14 Feb. You can find out more information by sending an email to: and to register your interest.

But whatever you decide to do to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, be safe, be happy and be blessed.

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