It’s never as easy as it looks in the Christmas TV ads. If like us you are dreading the marathon cooking session that produces the family Christmas dinner, then you might want to read our eight gadgets and appliances that could make your preparations that little bit easier.


SuperFast Thermapen® 4 thermometer – Red


Whether you’re a budding MasterChef or clueless in the kitchen, on Christmas day you’re most important challenge in the kitchen will likely be cooking the turkey. Ensuring it is flavourful is one thing, but most importantly, you need to make sure that it is cooked all the way through. Step in the SuperFast Thermapen® Digital Food Thermometer. Let’s face it – nobody wants dry turkey or food poisoning on Christmas Day.

Top chefs recommend and routinely use a Thermapen by inserting the fast response probe into the thickest parts of the turkey breast and thigh. Both areas should give a reading of 75˚C or above.  Once the meat exceeds 75˚C, remove the turkey from the oven and leave to rest for 30 to 40 minutes. Resting the meat allows the succulent juices to redistribute, giving you enough time to make the gravy!

Providing an accurate reading in under three seconds, this is a gadget worthy of your kitchen!

Where to buy: Thermapen  Price: £60


Kuhn Rikon Ultimate 5 in 1 Opener

802871-kuhn-rikon-ultimate-5-in-1-opener-in-purple-l16-50Discover the ultimate opener which not only lasts longer, but is incredibly versatile. This 5 in 1 gadget can open cans, bottles, ring pull cans and plastic cups. It can even be used as a vacuum seal breaker to help you get round those firmly sealed jars! Ideal for those with dexterity problems, this brilliant product is a real kitchen must have!

Where to buy: QVC Price: £16.50


Roasteasy 40cm x 40cm Stainless Steel Mesh

802435-roasteasy-40cm-x-40cm-stainless-steel-mesh-l35-2Forget tinfoil, Roast Cosy Stainless Steel Mesh, can accomodate even the largest of family sized feasts! With the ability to retain juices, warmth, and to reduce moisture loss, you’ll be on your way to cooking your best turkey yet! As well as meat, this product can also be used for vegetables and blind baking. Re-usable and easy to clean, you can rely on this great alternative to tinfoil, and enhance the flavour of your meals.

Where to buy: QVC  Price: £35.00


Rösle Kitchen Torch

rosle-blow-torchCaramelising sugar on a creme brûlée, or a ‘baked Alaska’ is what we imagine a blowtorch would most likely be used for. But, top chef Heston Blumenthal says: “They can be used for so much more… if you’re cooking meat at lower temperatures it doesn’t brown, which means you’re missing out on important flavours. The blowtorch offers a quick and easy solution.”

The Rösle Kitchen Torch has an adjustable dial for flame regulation and temperatures can reach up to 2372°F, along with a topple free base and practical setting for continuous operation (up to 60 minutes).

Where to buy: Amazon Price: £47


Joseph Elevate Carousel Set

joseph-carousel-setIf you are you a messy cook or perhaps you’d simply like to keep the worktop clear mid-cooking, then this is the product for you! It is uniquely designed to keep your utensils raised above the work kitchen top, out of the way and ready for use, when you need them. With smart stainless steel handles, the set of six kitchen tools also comes with a worktop carousel.

The set includes: flexible turner, slotted spoon, slotted turner, ladle, solid spoon, spaghetti server and a rotating stand with a non-slip base. Hygienic, safe and preventable of sticky messes, what kitchen doesn’t need Elevate utensils?

Where to buy: Lakeland Price: Originally £60 (now reduced to £55)


Musical Cake Slice

musical-cake-sliceBring some humour to the table with this fun musical cake slice which plays tunes suitable for every occasion, yes, even Christmas! Press a button of your choice as you cut your cake or desert, and invite your guests to sing along to ‘Happy Birthday’, ‘Jingle Bells’, ‘Wedding March’ or ‘He’s a Jolly Good Fellow’. What a way to start a sing song with your family, friends and guests!

Where to buy: Qwerkity Price: £13.99


Electric Fruit and Vegetable Peeler

electric-veg-and-fruit-peelerIn need of a kitchen gadget that makes it easier to peel fruit and vegetables? Discover Cooper’s new Electric Fruit and Vegetable Peeler – a hands free way of peeling potatoes, carrots, cucumber, apples, pears, kiwi fruit, and even zest oranges, lemons and limes!

This super peeler quickly removes the skin or peel in one single piece, from top to bottom. And, when it’s finished, it even turns itself off!

Where to buy: Coopers of Stortford Price: £14.99


Salter Cook Pro Bluetooth Kitchen Scale

1193whdr_product_01This ergonomic and attractive scale uses Bluetooth technology to connect with the Salter Cook app, where you can convert and collect your favourite recipes online and store them within the app – your personal cookbook!

Syncing the scale to the app makes following your recipes much more interactive.  Instead of using this kitchen scale in the traditional sense, the scale is displayed through the app on your smartphone or tablet. However, if this is all a bit too high tech, you can always use it as a standalone scale with the LCD display.

Where to buy: Salter Price: £79.99



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