50 and fabulous is the new 30 and so who are the Black women celebs who are closely approaching, or have turned 50 in recent years?

At Melan Magazine we fully embrace the gift of growing older as the blessing that it is. Along with confidence, experience and let’s face it, an inability to suffer fools gladly, getting older often results in many of us finally beginning to embrace our full, authentic selves for the first time.

We have noticed that some of our favourite Black women personalities who are closely approaching or have turned 50 in recent years are embodying a refreshing new confidence and it’s a beautiful thing to see.

50 and fabulous

Here’s our list of 8 Black women celebrities who are the definition of 50 and fabulous.

Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union 50 and fabulous
Gabrielle Union
Image credit: Instagram

On 29 October 2022, Gabrielle Union turned 50 and fabulous. Mother to four-year-old Kaavia James, Union shared an Instagram video of her graciously embracing her new age as she strutted confidently toward the camera with a gorgeous smile. The Think Like A Man actor captioned the post: “Walkin Into 50… Like A Champion.” The actress is already attracting awards-buzz for her upcoming film, The Inspection, out in the US on 18 November.


Tracee Ellis Ross

Fashion Awards 2019
Tracee Ellis Ross
Image credit: Adriane Jamison

Sharing the same birth date as Gabrielle Union, Black-ish actor Tracee Ellis Ross also turned 50 this year. Daughter to Diana Ross, the Girlfriends star posted a video compilation on Instagram, showcasing her evolution to 50.

When asked what 50 feels like to her, in an interview the actor said: “It feels like… flowers.” Having wrapped up the final season of the popular TV series Black-ish, Ross continues to work on her natural hair brand, Pattern.


Jada Pinkett Smith

Jada Pickett-Smith
Jada Pickett-Smith
Image credit: Instagram

Red Table Talk host, Jada Pinkett Smith turned 51 this September. In a 2021 Red Table Talk episode months before she turned 50, the Girls Trip actor said: “coming to the self… that’s been the most beautiful part of almost turning 50.”


Mary J Blige

Mary j blige & All Saints, Kew the Music 2017 - All Saints, Kew the Music 2017

The Queen of Hip-Hop Soul turned 51 this year. Speaking to Ellen DeGeneres about turning 50 in 2021, The Real Love singer shared: “I’ve been through hell in my life and to make it to 50, it was just beautiful.” Mary J Blige also marked the “25th anniversary of her most influential work” by performing her ‘My Life’ album live for the first time for a Prime Video documentary.

In 2022, the singer continued to deliver as she performed in a showstopping Super Bowl half-time show with Dr Dre, Snoopdog and others earlier this year. Blige has also been on tour this year following the release of her 14th studio album: Good Morning Gorgeous.


Regina Hall


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51-year-old Regina Hall shared her thoughts about attaining her golden jubilee age by sharing a humorous birthday song in 2021. The hilarious lyrics includes: “Shout out to all my old b***ches”, showing her customary lighthearted view about turning 50. Embracing the spirit of being 50 and fabulous, Hall remains booked and busy, releasing several projects in 2022, including Netflix’s Me Time, Honk for Jesus and The Best Man: The Final Chapters, the third installment of the much-loved franchise.


Taraji P Henson


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A couple of years into her 50s, Empire star Taraji looks like she’s only just getting started. The 52 years old made a surprise appearance at Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty Vol.4 show. The Think Like a Man actress now also has a hair brand called TPH by TARAJI.

Earlier this year, the businesswoman also hosted the BET Awards with 14 outfit changes throughout the event, and of course she looked fabulous in every single one. Henson has also been open about breaking the taboo of mental health in the Black community.

Speaking about turning 50 in 2020, she said: “Your sexy never dies… I’m going to turn 50 just like I turned 30… I’m gon’ do what I feel.”


Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell
Naomi Campbell
Image credit: John Paul Pietrus

Last year, Naomi Campbell announced to the world that her: “biggest blessing”, her baby daughter, had arrived. The visual representation of being ‘booked and busy’, the 52 years old supermodel is often seen strutting her signature walk at the highest profile shows and fashion weeks, proving that Black don’t crack. Quite a feat in what is often regarded as an ageist industry.

Beverly Knight

Beverley Knight 25 years
Beverley Knight
Photo credit Mark Allan

Although four months shy of turning 50, we couldn’t not add Britain’s Beverly Knight to this list. In an already accomplished career, the vocal powerhouse is set to star as suffragette leader Emmeline Pankhurst in the 2023 musical, Sylvia.

In a The Guardian interview she spoke about how music has brought her joy. “…as I approach 50, I’m so grateful. But there’s still more I want to do: films and TV; theatre shows and albums. And, there are a few statuettes still missing from my shelf. Mark my words: one day I’ll get them.”

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