Did you know that your teeth can shift as you age? If you feel like your teeth are not as straight as they used to be, perhaps you should consider investing in PlusDent Clear aligners?

The past year has seen many of us giving our wardrobes and even our homes a complete overhaul so now that outside is finally opening, why not go that little bit further and treat yourself too?


In the spirit of embarking on a long overdue spruce up, why not up the ante on your dental care?

It’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed by all the treatments on the market, so we have partnered with PlusDent to help you get [or regain] the perfect smile.

PlusDent claim to hold the distinction of being the UK’s No1 choice for straight teeth. Their Clear Aligners promise to deliver straight and glamourous teeth with lasting effects. A blend of convenience, bespoke service and collaboration with dental practices local to you make PlusDent Clear Aligners the obvious choice for long lasting teeth alignment.

What is different about this product?

In order to carry out the planned partial movement of your tooth correction, the aligners exert a gentle amount of pressure on your teeth. This means the painful and awkward world of traditional metal braces will be a thing of the past.  No food stuck in unforgiving wires or the pain of adjusted rubber bands over several years.

PlusDent Clear Aligners can drastically alter the alignment of your teeth while being seamlessly integrated into your life. Your dentist will give you an accurate diagnosis but in general they treat crowded teeth, gaps between teeth and crooked teeth.

How do I get started?

Our dentists will create intraoral 3D scans and photos of your teeth along with comprehensive advice.  An individual treatment plan is then created using a 3D simulation to show how your teeth are likely to move and the projected results of the treatment.  Your aligners are produced in our dental laboratory in Berlin and are delivered straight to your home. Our dentists will regularly monitor the progress of your treatment.



Even though there are 27 clinics in the UK in locations from Bath to Southampton PlusDent Aligners provide online consultations which track your progress and ensure the best possible care is taken of your dental hygiene during the process.

While improved dental hygiene and a healthy mouth is always the goal, there’s no price you can put on confidence of having a perfect smile.  After all, you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.


For further details on how you can start your treatment visit here

This article was written by Katrina Marshall

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