Mum of three and international superstar Ciara shares some wise words on loving yourself, appreciating life and being grateful at Oprah’s and WW “be the love you need” event.

Ciara and Oprah
Credit: WW

Talk-show host Oprah hosted the WW “be the love you need” event, a free virtual event designed to “help people recommit to themselves and create the stronger, healthier life they envision.” There were some brilliant guests speaking words of wisdom, including sitcom actress Kym Whitley and Grammy-winning singer Ciara.

The 90-minute event was packed with gems about how to set up building blocks to a healthier, happier version of ourselves and Ciara appeared as a guest to talk about her recent wellbeing experience.

“I love these extra love handles and my hips.”

Since launching her career in the early 2000s, Ciara produced Billboard Top 100 hits, appeared in films and bagged numerous Grammy, BET and MOBO awards. From acting, dancing, singing to modelling, Ciara has led a successful and relevant career in the spotlight.

Followers on social media will know her as a proud mum of three. The superstar recently had her third child in the summer of 2020 with professional American football player, Russell Wilson. She revealed to Oprah, that after the birth of her third child, she had a weight loss goal of 48 pounds and only had about 18 pounds left to lose, but this time around she was choosing to enjoy her curves.

Ciara and husband Russell Wilson
Credit: WW

Joining in the virtual event from San Diego, Ciara told Oprah: “I’m feeling good. I’m feeling like my best self, to be honest. And with this pregnancy in particular, I really chose to embrace every step of the process. I’m really enjoying my curves.”

In her previous pregnancies, Ciara explained that she put a lot more pressure on herself to snap back to her post-baby weight. This time around Ciara is feeling more “empowered” through embracing the curves, “I love these extra love handles and my hips.”

Ciara also opened up about feeling more empowered by appearing on magazine covers whilst continuing to work on her weight loss goal. “I’ve done a few cover shoots that I probably never would have done back in the day, because I would have felt like I needed to get back to my base weight,” she admits.

“I’m grateful for the gift of being able to breathe…”

After the post-baby weight talk, Ciara revealed how she got back on track as a single mum and how she mentally prepared herself to jump back into the dating scene after the separation from her first son’s father, rapper Future.

“It was really me more so envisioning where I want it to go, speaking of life. Writing down where I wanted to go and then pressing go to get there.” Now, Ciara is happily married to Russell Wilson. The power of affirmations is strong.

Towards the end of the interview, Oprah asked Ciara to share three things she was grateful for in life. Her responses were blessings we can all appreciate in life, especially during a global pandemic when so many of us are facing hardships.

Credit: WW

Ciara said she was grateful for “breath.”

“I’m grateful for the gift of being able to breathe, for breath. You know, being able to, you know, just take a breath.” Ciara’s other blessings were her husband, children and being able to spend time with them during the pandemic.

Self-love, feeling empowered and counting your blessings are two important things to keep yourself mentally healthy, make healthy choices in life and make choices that nurture your wellbeing and serve you well. Not only during the pandemic but always.

What three things are you grateful for? Let us know in the comments.

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