The cosmetics brand Lush has launched six new Afro hair care products, formulated to add moisture to your hair care regime.

The range has “specifically been designed for Afro textured hair”

The range includes: an avocado co-wash, two conditioners, a leave in milk conditioning spray, moisturising shampoo, hair and scalp oil as well as a hair cream. The hair care range has been developed by Afro hair care specialist, Sarah Songo who started working at Lush as an Afro hair specialist in 2018.

Before joining the popular high street beauty brand, Sarah already had 19 years’ worth of experience in Afro textured hair. At seventeen-years-old Sarah received her NVQ level 3 qualification, and once she became a mother, she started her own mobile hairstylist business, which saw her work with high profile clients in London, Paris, Milan and New York, before joining Lush.

“…the co-wash “smells absolutely amazing!”

Once she joined Lush, Sarah took a tour of the Lush hair lab. She says, “straight away I saw that there were gaps within the range.”

Sarah Sango with some Lush Afro products


“I just started to realise what was missing in the range. Definitely conditioners that didn’t have enough moisture for Afro hair; a shampoo that was SLS-free so it wasn’t stripping the moisture out of Afro hair,” says Sarah. Both these have been added to the new hair range.

SLS is commonly known as sulphate, an ingredient in some shampoos, however it has drying properties and strips moisture from hair.

Products focus on co-washing, moisturising and restoration.

Working with cosmetic scientist and product inventor Daniel Campbell, Sarah developed the six new products, finding inspirations from family recipes.  “A lot of the products were inspired by family recipes and one in particular is one that my sister made for us, called Renee’s Hair Souffle,” says Sarah.

The range has “specifically been designed for Afro textured hair”. Products focus on co-washing, moisturising and restoration. Co-washing is washing the hair with a conditioner that acts as a shampoo, without stripping the moisture from your hair. The products are suitable to be used in the LOC method (liquid, oil cream), and are suitable for all hair textures, from 3A (ringlets) to 4C (coils).

Avocado Co-Wash

Special attention was focused on making sure all products had moisturising properties. One of these products includes the Avocado co-wash. “Avocado co-wash was an existing product, however it contained SLS. It is now SLS free,” explains Sarah.

“Co-washing is really important in our Afro hair regime because we spend so much time building up the moisture with our styling, so the last thing we want to be doing is stripping that moisture when we cleanse the hair,” says Sarah.

In Sarah’s own words, the co-wash “smells absolutely amazing!” Some of the ingredients include avocado and cocoa butter which both have moisturising properties.

Renee’s Shea Souffle


Sarah’s favourite, Renee Shea Souffle, consists of “fairly traded shea butter which nourishes and hydrates the hair,” explains Sarah. Some of the other ingredients include extra virgin coconut oil which “keeps the scalp soothed and adds shine” as well as avocado oil which “adds strength and shine.”

Whilst making sure the products had moisturising properties, Sarah also wanted them to have restorative properties too.

Power Conditioner


One of these restorative products include the Power conditioner. “It’s got elements that repair colour treated hair or relaxed hair, it’s also got the ingredients that help the moisture stay retained in your hair,” says Sarah. The restorative ingredient in Power is sweet potato which “adds biotin to your hair, which is really important if your hair is feeling weak,” explains Sarah.

The range also includes the Super Milk Conditioning Spray, Glory Conditioner and Curly Power.

The entire Afro hair care range

Manager at the Lush Manchester Arndale store, Rosie Jones, added: “I’m in love with it!… It’s just so beautiful to see it here and ready after all the love and hard work that has gone into it.”

“My contribution has been to help, to educate and inspire staff with internal training on the culture that surrounds Afro hair, because there is so much more to it than it just being hair,” says Rosie.

The Lush Afro hair care range will continue to grow: “there are so many more things we are working on such as, sheen sprays for your protective styles, finishing your looks, your edge controls, your edge balms…the six products that are going to launch are just the start of my vision,” says Sarah.

Shop the range on the Lush website, or click and collect from your local store.

This article was written by Nicole Hemming



  1. Very impressive, Lush.
    Thank you Sarah for this invention. I have always been looking for a go to natural hair care products line which adds shine, moisture, curls, tenderness to my 4c hair and also restorative properties. I hope this product line will be beneficial to my coils, my customer’s ringlets and coils too! I would love to be one of your natural hair ambassadors and distributors here in Nigeria. Looking forward to having your sprays, sheen, edge control and other products in west Africa…Nigeria precisely.

  2. I am a 63 yo woman who grew up in the time of perms. I started the natural regiment about 5 years ago. I’ve experimented with various products but haven’t been very successful. My daughters are biracial and they too have been experimenting with various products. I would love for all of us to try your products.

  3. I have natural hair and I was wondering where can I buy your product at. Or is there a website that I can go on to purchase some products.

  4. Hello I am interested in buying some of your products so is there a website that I can go on to to purchase some products thank you

  5. Is this sold in a set with easy to use steps especially for those of us new to our natural hair? A number labeled in them would be helpful for like the home perm kits along with easy and simplified purpose of the step would be fantastic for me. Thanks

  6. Hi Sarah, I am looking forward to trying your product. As a 63year old with patches of gre, I have been trying to grow my hair in vain,i ended up cutting it due to weak edges. I would like to be your ambassador for elderly women who still want to show their natural hair and love it. I am looking forward to hear from you. I am South African who is still young at heart

  7. A cancel patient with Alopecia and scalp itching at night….would love to try this product! I pray in Jesus name that this is the product that will help….after 25 years or more trying others products that didn’t work 😕

  8. I’m a male who has started to grow out my hair currently doing coils. I live in Connecticut which is in the Northeast in the US and I’m looking for natural haircare products that can help me maintain moisture during the winter months. I’m looking forward to these products coming here.

  9. I love 💘 Lush products!!!!! After reading about these beautiful products, I can’t wait to try them and incorporate them into my beautiful natural hair journey. They will also make amazing 👏 gifts 🎁.
    Thanks Lush so much for adding this collection and Thanks for your service during this trying time in the World 🌎.
    Special Thanks to you Nicole for writing this wonderful article, your service is greatly appreciated!!!
    Thanks to teammelanmag I truly love 💘 what you stand for and about!!!!

  10. I would love to try these products. I have always been looking for a go to natural hair care line which adds moisture to my curls and has a shine to it specially that can help with my frizzy hair. I been using Shea Moisturizer products on my natural hair and you know it has alcohol in it ,I think that’s probably why my hair is falling out . So I want to try something newer and that has healthy ingredients in it.

  11. Sarah, I’ve been on a natural hair journey for 4 years now in the US and have not been successful. My and 1 daughters hair is very fine with low porosity and my other daughters hair is thick with low porosity. Nothing Absolutely Nothing Has Worked For Us. The fine hair swells up like a cotton ball. The thick hair like a Brillo pad. I’ve tried almost Every Product on the market that claims success. I’ve watched YouTube Videos You Name It I’ve Tried & Purchased It. I Pray Yours Is The One. I’d Be An Advocate For Life!

  12. Are LUSH products available in the USA? I am looking for a great product for my hair. I live in Texas and would love to know where to purchase this line of products.

  13. I would love to try some of these products but can’t afford them at this time. My hair is always dry and hard to maintain. Pandemic and stress is not helping.

  14. This is right innovation in Lush range of products,hope is affordable because I will like to give it a trial…

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