Wig Fix™ is the stunningly simple invention by Aasiyah Abdulsalam, whose creation has already sold more than 40,000 units and is loved by the likes of Patricia Bright and Tokyo Stylez.

Wig Fix
Aasiyah Abdulsalam

Like many entrepreneur origin stories, 25 year old Aasiyah Abdulsalam’s Wig Fix™ idea came to her in a lightbulb moment. Sitting in a pool in Las Vegas wearing a wig, Aasiyah wondered why there wasn’t a product that could keep her wig in place in the warm weather. She decided she would plug the gap herself.

In just 12 months since launching, Wig Fix™ she has already sold more than 40,000 units across the UK and US and the brand boasts celebrity clients like Kehlani, Kahh Spence, Patricia Bright and Tokyo Stylez who loved the product so much she shared an in-depth demo video on Instagram.

With wigs estimated to become a five billion-pound global industry by 2024 and more than eight million women in the UK experiencing hair loss for reasons including cancer treatment, alopecia and ill effects of hair extensions, Aasiyah’s Wig Fix™ empire is certainly one to watch.

We recently caught up with Aasiyah to learn more about how she came up with her wonderful product and her entrepreneurial journey so far.

Tell us about your background

I studied geography and then behavioural economics at London School of Economics (LSE). I had interned at a tech startup while running a sustainable clothing line called AleroJasmine. We did numerous Afropunk festivals and were featured in TopShop stores.

I was born in London of Nigerian parents. They were immigrants that moved to the UK, coincidentally, at the age I am now.


How did you come up with the idea for Wig Fix?

The idea was conceptualised when I wrote my undergraduate dissertation about the wig industry. I knew the sourcing and distribution methods were super unethical and complicated and wanted to explore those ideas further with formal research.

By the time I submitted my dissertation, I was obsessed and so confused as to why such an expansive and creative industry could have so little development over the years. The last major invention in the wig industry was the ventilation technique created in 19th century in Paris – seriously! I wrote down a list of ideas that I thought could solve the numerous pain points in the industry.

Then finally in 2018, I had the most awful wig experience while on holiday in Las Vegas. The heat, wig glue and grips were an awfully sticky and uncomfortable mix and that was the final push I needed to actually start creating these products. 


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In a nutshell, what does it do?

The Wig Fix™ is the first ever skin soft, hypoallergenic, breathable and lightweight silicone headband that secures your wig while actually inducing natural hair growth underneath.


How long does it last?

One Wig Fix™ will last a customer for years with continuous daily use.


What sort of clients use the Wig Fix?

In general, wig wearers and hijabis or people that wear head coverings frequently. We also have a few scuba divers and construction workers that have purchased the Wig Fix™ because it apparently makes their headwear more comfortable and reduces the friction caused by their headwear which gives them bald spots overtime!

We have a branding statement that encapsulates our key clientele perfectly.

“The wig industry is often overlooked but provides immeasurable confidence for hundreds of millions of women worldwide. From Jewish women who take pride in wearing their sheitel wigs, to women suffering from hair loss (due to chemotherapy, thyroid ailments, even pregnancy) finding a renewed source of confidence due to wearing wigs. Trans women and non-binary people feel liberated by the versatility of the looks wigs offer to black women who make up 60% of this market, embracing the flexibility and protective nature that wigs provide.”

Wig Fix
Image credit: Wig Fix

Describe the process of idea to creation of the Wig Fix

The design was created through multiple rounds of trial and error! I knew I needed multiple curves to enhance the gripping ability so that’s how the frilly design was developed (the product had to look cute too!). I went back and forth with the number and size of the silicone nodes on each Wig Fix™. The thickness was also a factor because that affected the colour of the Wig Fix™ as I wanted it to be completely see through and glass like. I also ran focus groups with our preliminary samples to gather direct feedback from the products’ potential audience. Speaking to design experts I found on Upwork and through my university alumni contacts at LSE helped me greatly too.


What’s been the biggest challenges? 

Launching was definitely difficult. I wanted to patent my invention however legal costs are considerably expensive. I couldn’t launch the product and make money that way because then I wouldn’t be able to patent the product because I would have already put it in the public domain (you can’t patent a product that’s already in the public domain). That was a bit of a sticky situation that I got through with the skin of my teeth and really efficient cash flow management.

Wig Fix
Image credit: Wig Fix

Any plans to roll out further products? 

Definitely! our second proprietary invention is in development now.


Did you always want to be an entrepreneur? 

No actually. I just always wanted to work in a career that deeply aligned with my beliefs. I’ve always been deeply interested in the future of work (it’s all the rage now) and I’ve always been stubborn which I like to think has matured into determination! Looking back, with that interest and that aspect of my personality, my career now makes a lot of sense.


Who inspires you / or who are your role models? 

I don’t really have role models. I admire certain actions from people. One is Sahara Lotti, she invented the Lashify system and has built a cult brand and protected her IP. Two things I’m keen to emulate. Also, Sharon Chuter who is the founder of UOMA Beauty. I think her brand is trailblazing authenticity and proving you can build your own lane and people will resonate with that as long your genuity shines through.


What would you say to anyone sitting on an idea but is too scared to act?

Make an actionable plan that will give you the guidance and confidence to actually execute your idea over time.

Visit the Wig Fix website.

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