And just like that, the first month in the new decade is over. Where did January go? If like us it’s taking you a lot longer to get into the swing of things then we’re bringing you some help from influencer, entrepreneur and mother, Patricia Bright, who shared her ‘Three Ps for Success’ via her YouTube channel.

A true lady boss who has had an eventful 2019, fulfilling her goals, launching her makeup range with Revolution and recently giving birth to her second baby girl, Patricia took the opportunity of her recent YouTube video to her followers’ tips on how to manifest a successful 2020.

Alongside her unmistakable vibrant energy and humour: “Skin is glowing, milk is flowing, and my bank balance had better be growing”, she gave us her tips for how to make sure you start the year the way you mean to go on.


Here are Patricia Bright’s Three Ps for a Successful 2020:

Plan in advance 

You’ve probably heard this one before, “If you fail to plan, prepare to fail”. Patricia on the importance of planning:

“You can either feel like life is happening to you or you can decide what happens in your life.”

With a new bundle of joy in her life, planning ahead for Patricia looks like creating a schedule to ensure looking after her baby girl goes as smoothly as possible. She’s also got her finances in order and has planned what she calls her ‘most extensive budget ever’.

“To stay on top of my game like I’ve never planned before!”

Now that is definitely a successful 2020 goal, we’re here for but if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed about how to begin planning. Patricia breaks things down further:

“It’s having an idea of what you want to do… you can’t sit back and let life happen to you!”

So, whether 2020 is going to be the year you get your dream job, expand your business, up your fitness game or even travel to your dream destination. It’s time to get planning!


Be Patient 

The only place things tend to happen overnight is in our dreams. When it comes to the real-world things tend to take a bit longer. Patricia on what she’s learnt about patience:

“Life has one of those ways of telling you to sit the f*ck down! If you’re not patient in life, life will force you to be patient.”

Patricia has faced having her own patience tested when during her pregnancy she went from being someone who was always on the go to someone who could barely walk up the stairs.

“I know I’m not the only one who struggles to breath walking up the stairs and listen some of you are not even pregnant. You’ve just had too many sandwiches!”

On how she practices patience:

“I trust my process… As I’m enjoying the process what I’m seeing is that I’m slowly getting stronger and I’m slowly getting my mobility back. Patience teaches me to be a better person. Being able to take steps is amazing.”

We couldn’t agree more. Whether you’re slowly working on taking physical steps to get your fitness /health back like Patricia or you’ve taking steps to reach a business or personal goal, patience can be enjoyable when you enjoy the journey instead of solely focusing on reaching your end goal.

successful 2020
Patricia Bright

Perfection comes in the process 

This one’s for all the perfectionists out there. “Nothing is ever perfect; perfection is so overrated. Growth is important but perfection comes in the process. The more you do stuff the better you get at it. This applies to so many things your makeup, your skin, your body, your career or even your relationship.”

Patricia also shared her thoughts on perfection when it comes to looking for love:

“You want the perfect man, there’s no perfect guy out there. I’m very sorry to tell you that but most of them stink and are rude! But there is a perfect guy for you that you enjoy the process of growing with.”

Sometimes it’s good to be reminded about these important things. When it comes to perfection:

“The process is far more important. Cut yourself some slack in life, you will get there, but everything takes time!”

So, there you have it. It’s time to get planning, to practice patience and to start valuing the process over perfectionism! Let’s make 2020 a year of success and growth!

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