Patricia Bright is the Queen of YouTube, an entrepreneur, author and now, she has taken her beauty empire to new heights with a gorgeous new collaboration with popular beauty brand Revolution.

Patricia Bright

Revolution and Patricia have come together to create Rich in Colour, Rich in life, a six-piece capsule collection. The collection is made up of four face palettes and two eye shadow palettes. Patricia told Miss Vogue who this collection is aimed at.

“I think that this collection is for people who want to explore different sides of themselves.”

What makes this collaboration unique is that Patricia is very clear about the fact that she is not a professional makeup artist. Rather, she’s an everyday woman who simply wants to create amazing makeup looks, easily. And she’s created a loyal following of women who look to her for honest reviews, to find products that will have them looking their best without needing the skills of a MUA. It’s clear Patricia had her 1.1 million followers in mind when creating Rich in Life.

Patricia Bright

“If you want to put your finger in and press it on your eyes – which lots of people do because most people don’t have a 10-piece brush collection – for an easy look, you can. I wanted to include colours that were wearable and could work for everyday looks.

Patricia told Refinery 29 that ensuring her range provided inclusivity was important.

“I wanted to bring something to the high street that I thought was missing from a variety of ranges. There are very few blushes that work on the darker end of the (skin colour) spectrum on the high street.”

Patricia is challenging women to experiment with how they wear makeup and to break the outdated ‘beauty rules’.

“There was a time, especially in magazines, when we were told what products to use and which specific colours would suit us best. But we’re finally mixing things up. Rules that dictate what sort of colours people can wear should be disregarded entirely.”

Patricia explains what beauty means to her. “If I wake up in the morning and my skin looks nice, I feel beautiful. I think beauty is a state of mind I could have no weave on, dry lips and just be crusty, but, when I’m in a good headspace, I feel beautiful.”

Patricia has a refreshing take on beauty, as much as we all like to look good. True beauty is so much more, it radiates from within.

Patricia recently revealed to Refinery 29 the most useful beauty tips she had learnt so far. “Number one: Skincare first. Hyaluronic acid, retinol and AHAs and BHAs have been transformative for me. Moisturising is also key. I’ve learned not to be afraid to mix up products or use them differently or in a way they aren’t really meant to be used. This has made such a difference to my routine. Sometimes I wear concealer on my lips to create a nude look, for example.”

Patricia Bright

Patricia has her favourites when it comes to her eye shadow palette. She revealed to British Vogue that the sections of browns in Rich in Life are her favourite. “We’ve got a cooler brown, brown with a hint of blue or purple in it. Each of those five different depths to the look. ‘Biggest Fan’ is a lid colour that I would wear every single day, I’d add ‘Natural Glam’ to give me that 1960s siren look, then ‘You Are Gold’ to add a little pop.”

Patricia’s collaboration with Revolution Make-up is an exciting and affordable pairing. We’re excited to see what else is in store for the beauty superstar that so many beauty enthusiasts look to for honest and easy to use makeup recommendations.

Here’s 9 Revolution / Revolution X Patricia Bright make up recommendations

Revolution X Patricia Bright Rich in Life Palette £20 | shop here

Patricia’s collaboration with Revolution has brought us the perfect eye shadow palette for the everyday woman.

Patricia Bright

Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer £4 | shop here

This affordable concealer gives high coverage and comes in 50 shades to match fair to dark complexions.

Patricia Bright

 Revolution Brow Pomade £6 | shop here

If you’re looking for long lasting and smudge free brows this is the product for you.

Patricia Bright

Revolution X Patricia Bright You Are Gold Face Palette £8 | shop here

This face set is perfect for medium to dark skin tones, with its pink blush, medium brown bronze and a rose gold highlighter for a golden glow.

Patricia Bright

Revolution Rose Gold Lipstick – Diamond Life £3 | shop here

This berry red is the perfect shade for glam looks in winter and beyond.

Revolution Fast Base Stick Foundation £5 | shop here

The foundation for the busy woman, to quickly contour and highlight your skin for a flawless finish. It comes in 18 different shades with a range of under tones.


Revolution Loose Baking Powder Banana £5 | shop here

If you’re looking for a powder to banish the dreaded shine, balance the skin tone and help your makeup last longer, then this is for you. It comes in 10 shades to suit a range of skin tones.



Revolution Patricia Bright Dusk Till Dawn Face Palette £8 | Shop here

This palette has been created especially for darker shades, to give you the everyday glow you deserve.

Patricia Bright

Revolution X Patricia Bright Rich In Colour Palette £20 | shop here

This palette is perfect for a pop of colour with shimmers and glitters in bright colours for a ‘look at me’ finish.

All images credit: Patricia Bright and Revolution

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