With the amount of times that we’ve been told this recently, we guess it must be true! Getting older comes with a number of perks, with ‘having more sex’ coming up tops, trumping ‘finding it easier to speak your mind’ and feeling more ‘confident’, which all scored pretty high too.

Revealed: The number one benefit of getting older!

The survey of 2,000 over-40-year-old women, commissioned by Niix fitness app, confirms what many of us already knew, that with age comes intelligence, experience, wisdom, and grace. It would appear that far from turning into respectable old dears, many more of us are taking advantage of generally longer life spans to embrace the many benefits that come with growing older.

Revealed: The number one benefit of getting older!

Body confidence probably plays a big part in our increasingly amorous behaviour in the bedroom too with this trait scoring highly in the survey for 35-year-olds. If you want to see what 35 looks like in the celebrity world, then take a look at tennis legend Serena Williams (recently baring all on the cover of Vanity Fair), Jennifer Hudson and Beyoncé! Need we say more?

But while we seem to have it together most of the time, every once in a while, who doesn’t need a confidence boost? For this, most of us turn to our friends (40%) whilst a third of those surveyed rely on family for this (33%). Interestingly, a relatively high number 17% of us use a fitness workout to feel more confident, which a number of us at Melanmag Towers can totally relate to!

Revealed: The number one benefit of getting older!

While we might feel that life is just beginning, and we’re still brimming with youth and vigour, society at large, doesn’t appear to always agree with how we perceive ourselves. A frustrating 29% report feeling not as valued, 18% say they are viewed as boring, and 16% don’t feel as respected.

On the flip side, and again showing that fearless spirit, if all rules went out the window, ‘travelling the world’ came out as the #1 activity women wish they could do without being judged (61%) with 47% ready to quit work! Our randy nature comes out to play again with 23% admitting they would love to date a far younger man.

Nicki Phillips, Founder of niix says: “I feel proud of the nation’s women who are facing age with the same level of zest as they did when they were younger. At age 20, we worry too much about what other people think. At 40 we don’t really care what people think, and then we start to realise that people never really cared anyway.” 



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