While we might grumble about no longer being allowed to ‘carry on’ our tablets and larger phones on flights from the Middle East and North Africa, the safety elements are not lost on us.

The new security measures were introduced earlier this year after the discovery of new al-Qaeda terrorist threats. As we approach the summer holiday season, it’s important to remind ourselves that anyone flying from Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia will have to pack away their electronic devices in their hold luggage and check them in, despite concerns that they could be stolen or damaged.

Leading travel insurer tifgroup offers some sound advice for travellers who are particularly worried about their belongings being damaged.

Seven things to remember about the 'carry on' ban on large electronic devices 

  1. If packing electronic devices in a suitcase, ensure they are securely packed.
  2. Put the device in bubble wrap, or original packaging to travel and place in the middle of the suitcase and keep liquids/toiletries in sealed bags and away from the device.
  3. Once baggage is collected, check the equipment is undamaged straight away.
  4. If it’s missing or damaged, request a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) from the airline carrier while at the airport and report the details to the airline in writing.
  5. Keep all travel tickets and luggage tags to help support any claim.
  6. Make sure to check routes and conditions of carriage, so as not to have items confiscated at the security check, as it is unlikely that insurers will reimburse for this loss.
  7. Back up your devices so that, in the event items are lost or stolen personal data is not lost.

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