If you’re looking for a last-minute destination holiday to celebrate Easter, then we have just the place for you. Why not experience a traditional Easter at Grecotel, a leading luxury hotel chain in Greece, spanning 30 of the country’s finest hotels and resorts, each individually designed and crafted, in the most sought-after destinations?

Easter is a holiday of love, a time of rebirth for the human spirit and the celebration of life. In Greece, it’s one of the most important religious events of the year, with commemorations of age-old traditions and ceremonies taking centre stage all over the country. Even for those who aren’t religious, it’s easy to get caught up in the fervour of such a special occasion.

Grecotel resorts throw themselves into celebrating Easter, combining the traditions shared by all Greeks with local customs.

For a taste of what you can expect, read on…

melan Easter at Grecotel - Traditional Easter celebrations in Greece

Easter traditions abound
Easter is a magical time in Greece. The countryside springs to life as villagers prepare for summer by sprucing up gardens and freshening up homes, churches and village lanes.

Holy Week is celebrated with reverence, but true pageantry peaks on Good Friday with the Epitaphios, a symbolic bier on which a wood effigy of Christ is led in candlelight procession around the parish.

At Grecotel resorts, guests are invited to attend the evening mass of Good Friday. The resurrection is celebrated during a candlelit service known as the Anastasis. This service, held at midnight on Holy Saturday, celebrates the resurrection of Christ. Everyone in attendance is encouraged to receive the traditional Easter “kiss of love” while a spectacular fireworks display lights up the midnight sky.

melan Easter at Grecotel - Traditional Easter celebrations in Greece

Feasts & Treats
Everything culminates on Easter Sunday with an al fresco communal feast. Grecotel guests can expect the wine to flow freely, eggs to be cracked, live local music to fill the air, local shows to provide thrilling entertainment and everyone to join together in a celebration of love.

For a true taste of Greece, don’t miss out on sampling tsikoudia, a fragrant grape-based pomace brandy.

Easter in Greece wouldn’t be complete without the celebratory roasting of a series of spit-roasted lambs and other traditional meat preparations, during which people eat, drink, sing, dance and wish each other a long life.

melan Easter at Grecotel - Traditional Easter celebrations in Greece

Fun for the whole family
Children especially love Easter in Greece, and at Grecotel resorts, kids can have hours of fun preparing delicious Easter treats, dying eggs, decorating Easter candles, fixing Easter lamps and preparing their own Easter baskets.
Families who want to take part in the fun can also enjoy face painting, making collages with clay decorations, breaking their own chocolate eggs for the gifts that lie inside or designing Easter cards for loved ones.


Take your pick between Crete, Corfu, Peloponnese or Sounio as the following Grecotel hotels and resorts will be open for the season:

melan Easter at Grecotel - Traditional Easter celebrations in GreeceAmirandes, Crete: www.amirandes.com

Corfu Imperial, Eva Palace, Daphnila Bay (Corfu): www.corfuimperial.com

Cape Sounio, Sounio, Attica: 

Olympia Oasis, Kyllini, Peloponnese:


For more information, visit: www.grecotel.com


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